Female Fitness: How To Get A Great Bum

Perfect BumWhen most women picture their ideal physique, there are a few body parts that are always the main focus in many ladies mind. A tight and toned mid-section, arms, legs and last but not least; their derriere. Female Fitness competitors such as Larissa Reis and pop stars such as Shakira have a back side that is desired by many women. Many a women also have the desire to have beautiful built glutes to show off in their bikinis, dresses, underwear or just about anything to show off their physique.

If you have a million and one questions and just simply feel lost amongst all the information or simply don’t know where to start, then hopefully this article will be perfect for you. With good research combined with personal experience this article shall be the saving grace you have needed.

Anatomy of The Glues:

To achieve a well-shaped and curved butt it is important to know basic information on the anatomy of the glutes. The glutes are made up of three muscles, which all need to be targeted.

  • Gluteus Minimum: The gluteus minimus is the smallest and deeper of all the muscles.
  • Glueteus Medius: This covers the outer surface of the pelvis.
  • Gluteus Maximus: The biggest muscle of the gluteus muscle group, which contributes to the main muscle mass of the glutes.

There are other smaller muscles which contribute to the look of the glutes, such as: Lumborum, Quadratus Lumborum, Illiocostalis and Illiopsoa. These muscles, just like the Glueteus Medius can be found around the pelvis. Although smaller they still play a role in the look of your glutes, which can also be manipulated through different types of exercise.

To achieve the desired look that many of you wish to achieve, you will have to hit the glutes with exercises that target different angles. Luckily for you, there are a whole variety of exercises to just do the job, many of which are pretty fun to perform.

The Exercises to Hit The Glutes:

Exercises that compromise of thigh extensions mainly hit the Gluteus Maximus.

Exercises that compromise of adduction movement and lateral rotation of the thigh mainly hit the Gluteus Medius and Gluteus

Deadlifts are usually the stable of many strength and muscle building programs. It isn’t an exercise that specifically hits the glutes but it is an exercise that needs to be seriously considered, it’s a compound movement and one which will also help with posture, which will have an effect on the look of your derriere.

One Legged Deadlifts:
Unlike the conventional deadlift the one legged deadlift will hit the glutes a lot better, due to it being an unilateral exercise it will hit all the muscles of the glutes, this is one of the best exercises considering its nature, it will surely add a lot of muscle mass to that region.

One of the most popular exercises in a leg workout regime is the squat, not only will it help build and tone your legs but it’s great for hitting the gluteus muscles. There has been evidence from studies to show that performing squats releases more natural growth hormones and testosterone than any other weight lifting exercise. What’s this mean? Well, basically your potential to build muscle will increase meaning more muscle tissue to make your butt look better.

If you want an alternative to resistant training then this is a perfect exercise. Sprints are an exercise that requires explosive and power type movements which in turn, if used in intervals will anaerobically exhaust the body. I bet you haven’t seen a sprinter with a saggy butt have you? They all have a very lean frame, which goes to show sprints will definitely help in your pursuit for a better butt.

There are many forms of lunges, all with their own advantages. Most people start off with a static lunge, which is great for hitting the glutes as well as legs. A progression from static lunges are ‘Walking Lunges’, this requires a bit more stability to perform. Another type of lunge is the side lunges which depending on your length of stance can hit different angles of the glutes and leg muscles.

Let’s Wrap It Up:

If you want to get that desired butt that sits up high, is tight and muscular yet gives off that perfect round shape then start getting clever with how you work out. Although genetics play a role, you can still overcome any roadblocks that your genetics put in your way, nothing is impossible.

Using the above exercises within an already existing workout regime will sure to give you improvements. Whether you’re purely doing cardio or strength training, make sure to incorporate these exercises in and within no time you’ll have that rear you have always wanted.

For even more info about working out your buns, check the Project Swole article Top 5 Best Glutes Exercises.

Marieb, E. N. (2004). Human anatomy and physiology (6th ed.). San Francisco: Pearson Benjamin Cummings.

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