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Have You Ever Met Weightlifting’s Cousins?

Friday, May 18th, 2012

4 Examples of Alternative Fitness Equipment

alternative fitness equipment - tires

If you try to get toned and you all you use is mainstream weightlifting and go about set routines day in and day out, you could be setting yourself up for failure in a trio of ways! Do you find yourself scratching your head? Here are three potential ways which could lead to your failure: reaching a plateau, becoming bored, and receiving an injury through weight lifting.

I want to introduce you to traditional weightlifting’s cousins in just a moment. Before I introduce them, I will assure you they are all very viable means to fully developing muscle and also to help you to tone your body by accelerating fats loss as well as giving you a variety of choices to complement your weightlifting program. Without further ado, the cousins to weightlifting are kettlebells, resistance bands, the stability ball, and last but not least, homemade exercise equipment.