How to Shoulder Press

How to Perform Shoulder Presses

Shoulder Pressing
Shoulder Pressing

The shoulder press; also known as the press, overhead press, barbell press, and standing press; is often confused with the military press; and is quite possibly the best upper body exercise known to man.

The bench press gets all the glory, but this is only because it is easier to lift more weight benching than pressing. Shoulder presses can help you build fully developed shoulders, and will keep your shoulders healthy and strong, especially if you spend the majority of time bench pressing.

How to do the Shoulder Press

Add 2-3 sets of shoulder presses into you routine once a week, or at least as often as you bench press. It will keep your shoulders broad and healthy.

I have already written a complete description of the overhead press, which is exactly the same as the shoulder press.

Therefore, you can click here to read How to Perform the Overhead Press.

While an overhead press tends to refer mainly to a shoulder press with a barbell, the shoulder press itself is often used when talking about dumbbell shoulder exercises, of which there are a huge variety.

How to do the Bradford Press

Here’s a little exercise I found today that could apply to the shoulder press. If you haven’t already clicked over to the overhead press post, then you will get a little extra tidbit today.

To preform the Bradford Press, press the bar up as normal, but don’t straighten your elbows at the top. Now lower the bar behind your head, to about ear-level, then press it back up. This move keeps all the stress on the delts.

Never drop the bar onto your traps behind your head and try to press it with your shoulders. This could kill your rotator cuffs. Instead, if you ever drop the bar on your traps, use a push press to drive the bar off your back, and then continue to press it overhead.

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