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How to Find Your Weak Spot

Thursday, March 4th, 2010
Swole Fitness Tips

Is there an exercise that you hate? For some people it’s squats, for some it’s deadlifts, and for others it could be something that most of us consider fun, like dips or the ab wheel.

An Entire Exercise Could Be Your Weak Spot

Weak Spot
Find Your Weak Spot

If you any any particular exercise because it is hard, awkward, or uncomfortable, then you have probably found your weak spot.

Depending on the exercise, the main muscle used and/or the ancillary muscles used, are probably weak points for you. There is likely a muscle imbalance, or at least a weak muscle that should be prioritized for a couple months.

The best exercise you can do to bring up your weak point, is the exercise that you hate.


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