The 3 Best Supplements to Help Build the Best Body

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Making the Most of Your Gym Time

Anyone who has dedicated themselves to bettering their physical condition knows that the benefits far outweigh the struggles. You feel stronger and have more energy when you stick to your workout schedule, and you notice that your clothing fits better when you stretch and strengthen your muscles. But even the most experienced gym-goers can use a little boost to increase their results. Here are the 3 best supplements to help you to take your efforts to the next level. 

1. Fish for Fuel

In addition to its many health benefits, fish oils will also aid your muscles. Acting as a lubricant much like the Tin Man’s oil can, your joints and muscles will move with ease and recover faster after a difficult strength training session. You will also notice a pleasant improvement in circulation, skin health and even mood.

While there are many versions of fish oil capsules and drops on the market, you will want to seek the highest quality. Cheaper brands can contain additives – and even mercury, depending upon the source of the fish used. The capsules tend to be large, but if you have an aversion to swallowing pills there are also liquids that you can work into your shakes or salad dressings. Just make sure that you do not overdo it, so as to avoid the sometimes unpleasant aftertaste that can accompany fish products.

Remember that, as part of your healthy diet, you can also get fish oil from simply eating fish. The fattier fish choices such as salmon and sardines are used in many popular recipes and dishes, so they can be easily incorporated into your daily diet. They are available fresh, frozen and even canned. Add them to tacos, sandwiches, and pasta and you may even forget that you are actually eating fish. Eating well doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be customized to your personal tastes and easily help you to achieve your fitness goals. 

2. Amino Acids for Advancement

In your research, you may have heard that amino acids are the foundation of the human body. You also need to have a good supply of them to keep your brain functioning properly and your hormones at an even balance. But if you are working to increase your muscle mass, you need specialized Branched Chained Amino Acids, or BCAAs, to help you to not only build more muscle but to maintain it. Adding this supplement to your regimen will prevent muscle loss and give your body the extra help that it may need to recover any nutrients lost.

While you can also get amino acids from foods such as eggs and beans, it is easiest to get them from prepared formulas. No matter what sources you get them from, you will need to keep track of your intake because they are not naturally produced by the human body. BCAAs are arguably at the top of the list of the 3 best supplements, but it’s tough to rank these 3 honestly, they are all so equally important.

3. Protein for Punch

Our physical composition is full of protein, so it stands to reason that maintaining our protein levels is vital to our wellbeing. It keeps our muscles working and helps tissues to repair themselves. Increasing protein intake will promote the growth of your muscles, and therefore get your strength to the next level. You can train harder and longer, and see results faster.

Protein supplements are usually sold in powder form, and during a normal trip to your local health food store, you will find appealing and versatile flavors of protein powders such as strawberry, chocolate or vanilla for adding to pre or post-workout snacks. Sources of protein are also plentiful in a vast range of foods and are easier to find than some nutrients, so getting it from whole foods is no problem either. In a hurry and need to get a boost on the go? Take a boiled egg or a peanut butter sandwich. Lean beef for your burgers will also do the trick, as will adding cheese. So chow down and build up!

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