Mulberry is An All Natural Solution to Help Type 2 Diabetics

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According to a statement recently made by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, drugs designed to help control Type 2 diabetes, like the well-known prescription medication Avandia, should be subjected to more rigorous safety reviews to ensure they don’t raise the risk of heart problems. Take the following information with a grain of salt though, as I am NOT a medical doctor. Any stupid decisions you make, you make at your own risk.

Alternative Medicine

In light of this news, I believe that taking a look at some of the safer, natural alternatives that can help manage Type 2 diabetes, a condition which currently affects 90 percent of all diabetes cases in America, would make for a particularly timely health story. Certainly I wouldn’t promote alternative medicine over proven medicine for advanced cases, but they might be something to look into if you either despise medicine, if you just have a case of insulin insensitivity, or if you have a mild case of type II diabetes.

Mulberry – A Natural Solution

For example, mulberry, a natural ingredient which as been used for generations in Chinese medicine and some Indian foods, is showing great promise for Type 2 diabetics. After seven years of research and development, a medical researcher and scientist from China, Lee Zhong, MD, PhD, has discovered a proprietary mulberry leaf extract that has been shown in numerous clinical trials to markedly lower blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics, helping them achieve a healthier diet and lifestyle. In fact, one of the studies published in Diabetes Care, the most widely read diabetes journal, reported an average 44 percent reduction in peak post-meal blood sugar elevation.

This is good news for those homeopathic fanatics that try to avoid medicine whenever possible.
Now, I’m not saying medicine is always the answer… perhaps mulberry has some legitimate diabetic use. In any case, I am excited to share this news with you, as I believe mulberry can help save the lives of the millions of Americans struggling with Type 2 diabetes, especially those who prefer herbs over drugs.

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  2. Yes you are right… its another source of cure. Anyway, here are the the nutritional Value of Mulberry;

    * Carbohydrate (in the form of sugars, mainly glucose and fructose) – 7.8 to 9.2%
    * Protein (with essential amino acids) – 15% to 28%
    * Fatty acids like linoleic, stearic, and oleic acids – 0.4 to0.5%
    * Malic acid, producing sour taste – 1.1 to1.9%
    * Fiber – 0.9 to1.4%
    * Calcium – 1.8 to 2.4%
    * Phosphorus – 0.14 to 0.24%
    * Potassium – 1.90 to 2.87% in leaves, 1.33 to1.53% in young stems
    * Magnesium – 0.47 to 0.63% in leaves, 0.26 to 0.35% in young stems

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