Fat Burner Supplements: What are the Pros and Cons

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The old age question still remains: do supplements actually work and help your body or does it do more harm than good? Many people suffering from obesity resorted to Fat Burning Supplements as a solution to their never-ending weight issues. And the market has responded by an alarmingly high number of supplements aimed to help you with this issue.

However, any supplement carries a myriad of pros and cons that one should be aware of before they even start taking these pills. Below is an in-depth look at what fat burners are as well as their pros and cons. 

What are Fat Burners? 

These supplements can be defined exactly as they sound: they burn the fat in your body, raise your metabolism levels, boost your energy and help you exercise more, and often at times it suppresses your appetite as well. They usually consist of a number of ingredients that include caffeine, L-carnitine, green tea, linoleic acid, forskolin, Omega acids, chromium, glucomannan, garcinia cambogia, and raspberry ketones. These are all ingredients that aim to target the fat cells in your body and help you reduce them. 

How do these supplements work? 

Since they are “supplements,” it means that they can’t work on their own; you must exercise and maintain healthier eating habits to actually see results. Even though there is an endless variety of fat burning supplements in the market, they’re not all created equally; some might work and others will not, so it’s better if you do your research and find out which one is right for you. Some of them can even target other issues like your cholesterol as the omega-7 rich supplement, Ultra Omega Burn does; you can read more about Ultra Omega Burn at Omegaboom.com to understand how it works and if it’s the right one for you.  It’s also wise to know that fat burners are not diet pills or weight-loss agents, but they’re supposed to give you the energy needed to burn off the extra fat your body has. 

Pros of Fat Burners

These supplements were originally manufactured to help people lose weight and they carry a ton of benefits: 

  • They have the ability to speed up fat loss and give you the energy needed to lead an active lifestyle. It can only work if you already exercise daily. 
  • One of the greatest challenges of weight loss is losing muscle mass. These supplements aim at avoiding this by allowing you to lose fat safely and effectively. 
  • They can be targeted to the needs of men and women according to their lifestyle, workout routines, and fitness goals
  • They also have the power to suppress your appetite if you suffer from binge-eating syndromes or emotional-eating. This will also prevent a myriad of diseases like diabetes or cardio issues. 
  • Because they aim at increasing your energy levels, they will give you the mental boost you need to maintain an active lifestyle. You’ll be motivated enough to work out constantly. 

Cons of Fat Burners

Even though these supplements aid weight loss, there are still risks to your health that many experts are concerned about: 

  • Some fat burners are considered dangerous because they carry a ton of side effects that affect your mental health like anxiety, sleep deprivation, and behavioral changes. 
  • They also have the risk of raising your blood pressure, which might lead to heart issues. That only happens if you’re severely unhealthy, though. If you aren’t, your blood pressure will bounce back to normal. 
  • Some ingredients found in these supplements can be quite addictive. This will lead you to develop a tolerance and you’ll up your dose in an unhealthy manner. You might also suffer from withdrawal symptoms if stopped incorrectly. You can avoid this by opting to take stimulant-free fat burners. 
  • They tend to cause jitters, edginess, nervousness, and overall restlessness. It can also lead to ‘crashes’ and you’ll end up feeling lazy and fatigued. 
  • Not all of these supplements are FDA regulated and the risks fall upon the manufacturer. This may lead to a bit of ‘experimenting’ on consumers and that’s why most of them are removed if a ton of side effects become too visible.  
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Research Before Poppin’ those Pills

As with any supplement, extensive research needs to be done before you start taking these pills. In order to see clear-cut results, it’s recommended to start off with diet and exercise first and then introduce fat burners as an aid later. Stay safe! 

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