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Bromalite Probiotics
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Many of you have been asking about my free trial review of Bromalite, so here it is.

First, re-read my post about receiving a free trial of Bromalite the All Natural Digestive Supplement. This post will tell you what is in Bromalite, how to take it, why you might want to take it, and why the product interests me in the first place.

The manufacturers of Bromalite sent me a bottle in the mail for free, and asked if I would do a product review. I’m not going to be biased either way, for or against this product. Here is my honest review.

I used Bromalite since the middle of January. The recommended serving size is two caps a day, so I used two dosage protocols to test this supplement.

Using a Half Dose

First I tried using just one cap every morning. The reason I did this is because with some of the more expensive supplements I’ve tried, after cutting the recommended dosage in half I’ve still seen great results. This allows those of us who are flat broke to extend the lifetime of a supplement to twice what we would normally expect.

The results of using one cap a day, for three weeks, was as expected. I only noticed that I didn’t seem to have any bad digestive issues or gastrointestinal distress out of the ordinary. I’ve been avoiding cheese and dairy products for the most part, but even still my stomach sometimes doesn’t work that great. There were one or two hiccups along the way, which could be related to anything; a bacterium in my system or a short lived stomach virus.

Normally I drink Lactaid milk, but there was one day that I decided to try to drink some regular skim milk and see if the Bromalite would get me through the pain. It didn’t. Sorry, but one dose of Bromalite will not make up for a lack of the lactase enzyme in your body.


Using a Full Dose

Next I bumped it up to two caps a day, for about two and a half weeks. The results of this experiment were slightly better. I did reintroduce cheese into my diet just for the fun of it, with no significant ramifications. The cheese I ate was mostly 2% American and the kids’ cheese sticks. I didn’t experience any unusual gas, acidity, acid reflux, heartburn, or any other painful digestive or intestinal issues.

In addition, thanks to a sinus infection I ended my Bromalite trial on antibiotics, and with the exception of front loading a double dose of antibiotics on day 1, the antibiotics did not cause excessive trips to the bathroom or explosive ‘evacuation’. Was this due to the Bromalite? I’m not sure, but I bet it didn’t hurt.

Fat Loss

Over the course of the 5 weeks of using Bromalite I dropped 8 pounds of mostly fat. I was not on any other supplements, but I was following a lower calorie eating plan.

Did the Bromalite help me to lose the 8 pounds? Bromalite probably helped me lose the fat a little quicker.

Did the Bromalite cause me to lose the 8 pounds? Bromalite is not a magic weight loss pill. I lost the fat with a combination of Bromalite and a low calorie, low carb, nearly-zero sugar diet.

In Conclusion

I usually have digestive issues when I eat carbs and dairy products. While using Bromalite I didn’t seem to have any general digestive issues unless I forced them on myself by eating foods I know I can’t eat. Bromalite seemed to maybe help me digest cheese a little better than normal, but it failed to replace Lactaid when drinking regular milk.

While on Bromalite I lost some weight with the help of Bromalite, but probably not directly because of Bromalite.

Will Bromalite Help You?

Bromalite will probably help you just to be a little bit healthier.

These are the results you will probably get from using Bromalite:

  • Lose fat a bit quicker when dieting.
  • Improved digestion.
  • More regularity with your bowel movements.
  • Less gas due to improved digestion.
  • Decreased heartburn.
  • Decreased indigestion.
  • Decreased acid reflux.
  • Some antioxidant benefits, but not as much as acai berries.

I can’t promise or guarantee any of those results, but if you use the full serving of Bromalite each day you can probably expect some of them. I wouldn’t say you HAVE to use this product like I have said about acai, but I don’t think it can hurt. Use your own discretion.

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