What is Your Sports IQ?

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Sports continue to be exciting in New England these days. I’ll be the first to admit that I rarely watch a full game of anything except football, the Red Sox occasionally, and playoff/championship games. Still, I frequently watch Sports Center on ESPN late night when I’m working on the Internet, and I often read ESPN.com on my lunch break. I try to keep my sports IQ up to par.

How’s your sports IQ these days?

David Ortiz


The Red Sox occasionally go on a roll and are nearly above .500, which is not great, but makes for an exciting season. The starters have not pitched up to expectations and the lineup has not heated up yet either. Good things will come in the month of May if Crawford can start hitting, and Matsuzaka, Lackey, and Buckholtz can start pitching.

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The Bruins are up 3-0 against the Flyers… again. Hopefully this time they’ll win 1 out of the next 2 games so they can rest for a couple days before the next series. I predicted Bruins in 7, but I’ll take 5. Stanley Cup here we come!

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Kevin Garnett


The Celtics are not looking to good right now, down 0-2 against the despicable Miami Heat. With the next 2 games in Boston, there is a great opportunity to even it up. I think they can do it if everyone can stay healthy and keep out of foul trouble.

I admit that there’s no chance of ever seeing Shaq play, but it would be sweet if he could show up for a couple rebounds and a dunk or two. And the one question I can never find an answer for, is why couldn’t Shaq lose about 40 pounds so that he could move better on the floor? I know he’s a big guy, but couldn’t he have hired a trainer to rip him up for one last season?

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The Patriots aren’t doing much of anything right now, what with the off-season and the lockout. However, they did recently draft some new players, which is kind of exciting. Although they didn’t address their pass rush needs, they did draft a complement to McCourty, a couple running backs, and a future quarterback for Brady to tutor. It wasn’t a horrible draft, but their weakness in 2011 will most likely be defensive again, unless they can pick up something in free agency.

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What’s Your Favorite Sport?

I like Football and Baseball best and I played Soccer until I was 20, but there are about a million other sports in the world. If you consider everything a sport, from competitive eating, to golf, to pool, and even bowling, then let me know what your favorite sport is. If it’s not one of the big 5, leave me a message in the comments.

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