Swole on Super Bowl XLIII – Take 2

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After a Surprising Week 1 of the Post Season I Have to Ask…

Now Who Will Make it to Super Bowl XLIII?

This is an update from my first Super Bowl XLIII prediction.

Carolina Panthers
Carolina Panthers
  • Titans – they’ve been pretty good all year but I believe their offense could be shut down by either the Colts or the Steelers in the AFC Championship game the Ravens in Week 2 of the Playoffs. They may have peaked earlier in the season and Kerry Collins is WAY overrated right now. He will be out of the NFL again by 2010.
  • Steelers – I could see the Steelers advancing to the Super Bowl as long as they don’t play the Colts in the AFC Championship game. Ben Roethelisberger can stay healthy. QB concussions in the NFL do not bode well for future play. Assuming he’s healthy, this team is probably headed for Tampa.
  • Coltsthe Ravens or Steelers could potentially knock them out of Super Bowl contention but I think the Colts are my best pick to make it to the big game. They are on a roll right now. denied by the Chargers in Week 1 of the playoffs. I guess P Manning is back to his old playoff choking form.
  • Chargersthe Colts the Steelers take them down in the first second week, just as long as Big Ben is healthy. Sproles I feel will fill in adequately for an injured LT. This offense is on a roll right now, but the NFL’s #1 defense (Pitt) can take them down.
  • Dolphins – the #3 seed? Give me a break. Bounced by the Ravens in week 1. True Dat!
  • Ravens – they lose to barely beat out the Titans in week 2, in a low scoring defensive game. Not sure if they can make it past the Steelers in the AFC Championship though.
  • Giants – OK, so the Giants are a really good team, but they’ve had their run. Only a few NFL teams are good enough to beat them, but Carolina beats them with defense, the run, and Steve Smith in the NFC Championship game. Unless the Eagles take them down first in week 2, which I don’t believe will happen.
  • Panthers – an excellent team with excellent players and excellent coaching. This is an underrated team, as usual, and they should make it to the Super Bowl.
  • Vikings – the only way they beat the Eagles in week 1, is if Donovan runs out of gas and Peterson gashes an average Eagles run defense. Yep, they’re out.
  • Cardinals – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not a playoff caliber team. Stomped by the Falcons Panthers in week 1 2, even though Warner tosses 3 TDs… again.
  • Falcons – a good team with an awesome running back and talented rookie quarterback. Still, they lose to the Panthers in week 2. Somehow they managed to get beat by the Cardinals. Go figure.
  • Eagles – they are hot and cold. Fortunately for them, they seem to be on a winning streak since McNabb got benched. Even if they beat the Giants in week 2, Carolina still takes them down in the NFC Championship game.

Super Bowl XLIII

Carolina Panthers vs. Indianapolis Colts Pittsburgh Steelers

I’m struggling with choosing the Steelers over the Ravens to make it to the Superbowl, but I just don’t think the Ravens offense can put up big enough numbers against the Steelers in the AFC Championship game.

Offensively Roethelisberger, DeAngelo Williams, and Steve Smith will play great and score some points. Advantage: Panthers

Defensively Carolina pics off a pass that results in a short field touchdown, and the Panthers D stuffs Indy’s running game successfully controls all aspects of the Steelers offense. Of course, the Steelers get a Pic 6 of their own and also force at least one fumble. Advantage: Steelers

So who wins the game? Thanks to a freak special teams mistake, the Colts pick up a defensive touchdown, which inevitably causes the game to go into overtime. Then the Panthers win the coin toss and kick a 36 yard field goal to win the game. Indianapolis fans protest and NFL fans in general are pissed off that a coin toss decided the winner of Super Bowl XLIII.

The Steelers defense out-mans the Panthers offense, but the Panthers defense has their way with the Steelers offense in return. The score is low but the Steelers manage a last minute field goal to put the game into overtime.

The coin toss goes to the Panthers, who then proceed to get just close enough to kick a long field goal to win the game in OT. Steelers fans riot, looting and car burning ensues in Pittsburgh, and NFL fans in general are pissed off that a coin toss decided the winner of Super Bowl XLIII.

This then spurs NFL officials to reexamine the NFL’s preposterous overtime policy, which leads to a migration to college football style overtime rules by the 2010 season.

All I ask is that the other team have one chance to try to tie the game. Is that too much to ask?

Final score: Carolina Panthers 23, Pittsburgh Steelers 20.

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