Swole on Brett Favre and Super Bowl XLIII

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A Rat Fink
Brett ‘Rat Fink’ Favre

Public Enemy #1 aka Brett Favre has successfully thwarted the Patriots attempts to make it into the playoffs this year. Thank you Brett for throwing 3 pics and completing only 50% of your passes.

So many little things could have gone differently, and the Patriots would be in the playoffs.

These four events come to mind first:

  • If the coin flip in the overtime game versus the Jets had gone to the Patriots, New England would be in the playoffs.
  • If Favre had not tossed a pic to the Dolphins unknown DE Phillip Merling, or if Merling had failed to run it back for a touchdown, New England would be in the playoffs.
  • If Jabar Gaffney had not dropped a guaranteed touchdown pass in an 18-15 loss to the Colts, New England would be in the playoffs.
  • If David Thomas had not been penalized 15 yards, pushing the Patriots out of field goal range in that loss to the Colts, New England could be in the playoffs right now.

Could the Patriots have won the Super Bowl this year if they had made it? YES, they damned well could have!

Sure they had a couple bad games versus the Chargers and the Steelers, but certainly with the maturity of Matt Cassel and the health of the running game, the Patriots could give the Giants and the Panthers a run for their money right now.

However, we must let bygones be bygones, and instead focus on who made it to the playoffs and who will make it to the Super Bowl.

Who Will Make it to Super Bowl XLIII?

  • Titans – they’ve been pretty good all year but I believe their offense could be shut down by either the Colts or the Steelers in the AFC Championship game. May have peaked earlier in the season.
  • Steelers – I could see the Steelers advancing to the Super Bowl as long as they don’t play the Colts in the AFC Championship game.
  • Colts – the Ravens or Steelers could potentially knock them out of Super Bowl contention but I think the Colts are my best pick to make it to the big game. They are on a roll right now.
  • Chargers – the Colts take them down in the first week.
  • Dolphins – the #3 seed? Give me a break. Bounced by the Ravens in week 1.
  • Ravens – lose to the Titans in week 2, in a low scoring defensive game.
  • Giants – OK, so the Giants are a really good team, but they’ve had their run. Only a few NFL teams are good enough to beat them, but Carolina beats them with defense, the run, and Steve Smith in the NFC Championship game.
  • Panthers – an excellent team with excellent players and excellent coaching. This is an underrated team, as usual, and they should make it to the Super Bowl.
  • Vikings – the only way they beat the Eagles in week 1, is if Donovan runs out of gas and Petereson gashes an average Eagles run defense.
  • Cardinals – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not a playoff caliber team. Stomped by the Falcons in week 1, even though Warner tosses 3 TDs.
  • Falcons – a good team with an awesome running back and talented rookie quarterback. Still, they lose to the Panthers in week 2.
  • Eagles – they are hot and cold. Fortunately for them, they seem to be on a winning streak since McNabb got benched. Even if they beat the Giants in week 2, Carolina still takes them down in the NFC Championship game.

Super Bowl XLIII

Carolina Panthers vs. Indianapolis Colts

I think this would be a great matchup.

Offensively Peyton Manning, DeAngelo Williams, and Steve Smith will play great and score some points. Advantage: Panthers

Defensively Carolina pics off a pass that results in a short field touchdown, and the Panthers D stuffs Indy’s running game. Advantage: Panthers

So who wins the game? Thanks to a freak special teams mistake, the Colts pick up a defensive touchdown, which inevitably causes the game to go into overtime. Then the Panthers win the coin toss and kick a 36 yard field goal to win the game. Indianapolis fans protest and NFL fans in general are pissed off that a coin toss decided the winner of Super Bowl XLIII.

This then spurs NFL officials to reexamine the NFL’s preposterous overtime policy, which leads to a migration to college football style overtime rules by the 2010 season.

All I ask is that the other team have one chance to try to tie the game. Is that too much to ask?

Final score: Carolina Panthers 30, Indianapolis Colts 27.

OK, now you vote!

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Brett Favre please retire now. We loved you like 2 years ago, but now you just piss everyone off. Retire.

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5 Responses to “Swole on Brett Favre and Super Bowl XLIII”

  1. You were wrong on all accounts. The Steelers win, but with an * beside it. Kurt Warner was definetely throwing the ball, had control (even though hit) and managed to throw it forward on the way down. After Steeler Penalty and time hopefully being put back on clock for it being incomplete. The Cards get the ball on the 29 with enough time to run three plays. The refs stunk this call up and the “booth” stunk it up to the point of someone needs a huge fine for not reviewing that last play. I am a Saints fan, not a cards fan, but facts are facts…Warner made his mistakes, but he is so much better than “Big Ben” its unbelievable. Again, with the refs help and the Steel Curtain, Ben does just enough not to lose, just like in his first Super Bowl.

    Drew Brees should have been MVP by the way.


  2. Hey Kevin thanks for catching me being a dumbass with my proofreading once again. Now I will edit the original post in an attempt to hide my ineptitude.

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