How to Treat Sore Muscles

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Treat Sore Muscles

There are many reasons for having sore muscles, such as exercising and sitting in one position for a long time. However, most people complain of sore muscles after an intense workout session. Sore muscles are often uncomfortable and, in certain circumstances, hinder one from moving freely. Here are a few ways to prevent and treat sore muscles. 

Do Some Warm-Ups

Studies have shown that warming up before you start exercising can be more helpful than stretching. It wakes up the muscles by increasing the flow of blood in them. To warm up, do some light exercises. This can be skipping rope, jogging, or lifting light weights. Anything simple that increases blood flow and loosens joints will do.

Drink Enough Water

This may seem obvious, but taking water is essential in muscle recovery. Apart from that, it helps keep your body temperature under control and loosen joints. Water allows fluids to keep moving through the body’s system, hence easing inflammation. Most people do not take the amount of water that the body requires until they are thirsty. However, things like dark yellow urine signal dehydration, whether you are feeling thirsty or not.

Rest and Elevate the Sore Area

Sometimes, when you get a sore muscle, it is advisable to rest rather than keep moving around and adding pressure to the painful area. Also, elevate the injured part so that blood flows well, which ensures quick healing. If you are in pain and unable to sleep, you can try CBC oil to relieve the ache. If your pain persists, seek medical attention. 

Use Proper Exercise Techniques

Doing exercises the right way with the right gear can prevent muscle injury or strain. If you go to the gym, ask for help from a trainer, especially if you are unsure what equipment is right for you. Sore muscles are normal and nothing to be alarmed about. With the proper steps, you can alleviate the pain. However, if the soreness intensifies, then seek medical attention. 

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