What Kind of Product Reviews do You Want to See on Project Swole?

Posted March 7, 2009 in Product Reviews 3 Comments »
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I have received many inquiries lately about reviewing products on Project Swole.

I have turned a couple products down because I have no interest in them, such as all natural Viagra alternatives, which I just don’t need.

Many other products I have said yes to and will be reviewing them in the coming weeks.

Here is an example of some of the products I have tried:

Not only will I continue to accept products for review, but I will also hunt down some products to ask for reviews if I know what you guys want to see.

So, here is a poll. Vote for the 2 product reviews you would most like to see and add your comments if you want to be more specific.

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3 Responses to “What Kind of Product Reviews do You Want to See on Project Swole?”

  1. I see some people are looking to get reviews on muscle gain supplements. This makes me happy! I’m going to hunt down some juicy stuff and give it a try. In the meantime, I have some weight loss products, equipment, and protein powder reviews coming up shortly.

  2. Paul:
    I don’t really do product reviews for websites, but here are my comments from visiting your site for the first time.

    It seems like your website is collection of videos and articles about fitness and health. There is definitely a plethora of videos, although I didn’t watch too many of them. I was a little frustrated at first because I had to register and login to do anything, and was further frustrated at being asked to upgrade to a paid membership.

    I am sure thinqfitness will be a great website for casual fitness surfers that want to do aerobics to lose fat, and want to read healthy lifestyle articles. Since some of my readers fit into this category, I’m sure they would have a place on your website. For hardcore strength athletes, maybe not so much.

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