How to Start Going To the Gym

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The high prevalence of common diseases in these modern times has seen an increase in gym membership over the years. Many people would like to improve their health by working out at their local gym. However, there’s a lot of anxiety around working out in front of strangers. We don’t all just magically know how to start going to the gym without some help.

If you have signed up to a gym and are tense about it, you are not alone. Many people suffer such anxiety and there’s no reason to go back on your resolve to live a healthy life.  In fact, it is not unusual to find people who sign up and never show up, or do so for a single day. In fact, most commercial gyms love it when members do that.

Don’t let the gym win!

Gym anxiety is real and a major topic in freelance sports writing jobs. There’s no quick fix but we can offer some great ideas to at least get you started.

This guide offers simple tips to help you gather the guts to hit the gym.

Set Your Goals 

What’s your goal for training at a gym? Are you after simple toning? Do you want to build muscles? Improve your overall health? Train for a race?

One of the reasons many training beginners have problems at the gym is because they have no specific goals. Figure out what matters most to you – health, appearance, performance, longevity – and set a few personal goals.

If you have a defined goal when signing up, it is easier to focus on yourself and not those around you. This is the simplest way to gather confidence to hit the gym floor every day. 

Talk to the Instructor 

Every gym has a certified instructor or trainer. These folks have the expertise required to optimize your training routine. While many gym regulars might not use these instructors daily, if you need assistance putting together a workout routine, you should stay close to the professionals for guidance. 

Talking to the instructor regularly gives you the confidence to continue working out. You might not know anyone else in the room and this can become intimidating. If you have any thoughts or questions, always approach the fitness instructor for a chat. 

Enroll With A Friend/Mentor  

Another good idea to help you enjoy your first gym experience is to ask a friend or mentor to join you. If your doctor has insisted on regular exercise, you can request a friend to walk with you on this tough journey. Perhaps your friend is the first to decide to improve their health, offer to join them as a workout partner.

How to Start Going To the Gym

The gym floor or the exercise class will not be as intimidating if you have someone familiar with you. You can relax and finally focus on your routine with a friend around, with an added benefit that you can help each other get fit.

Can’t find a workout partner? Well, guess what… there’s an app for that!

Pick the Off-peak Hours 

Gym membership is on the rise with over 6 billion gym visits to 39,570 gyms recorded in 2018. This means most local gyms are crowded during peak hours and it is tough for beginners who don’t know their way around. 

For this reason, you should talk to your instructor and set your training during off-peak hours. As you become accustomed to the gym environment, you can change the hours and get familiar with the fast-paced nature of the peak-hour gym. 

Concentrate on You

You can bring along some music to listen to during workouts as a way of boosting concentration. This will also help you focus on the routine you have worked on with your instructor. 

Avoid looking at what others do because everyone has a tailored program based on their training needs. Many beginners abandon gym membership because of comparing themselves with other members. This will set you off on a free fall as your confidence will ebb quickly. 

Final Thoughts 

Ready to hit the gym and start your healthy living journey? Well, it might feel intimidating but if you have set your goals, there’s no reason to go back to an unhealthy lifestyle. With proper goals set and some basic support, you now at least know how to start going to the gym.

Focus on yourself and always talk to your instructor to boost your confidence levels. Find a workout partner or join a gym where you have a mentor to push you on. Whatever you do,  never lose focus on the reason you joined the gym. 

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