Vaping is a Safer Alternative to Smoking and Might be the First Step Towards Quitting

Quit SmokingNicotine is not good for you and it is just another expense to empty out your wallet. No one here at Project Swole smokes, but we sure do know an awful lot of folks who do. For those who are not ready to quit but are at least looking for a healthier alternative to smoking, and even for those who are ready to take that first step towards quitting, vaping might be for you.

As an added benefit, people who work out, specifically with resistance training, have a higher chance of kicking the habit than people who don’t exercise. Might as well make the most of both worlds and take that first step today.

Exploring The Benefits Of Vaping As Opposed To Tobacco

You could spend thousands of hours educating yourself about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. One single cigarette contains over hundreds of thousands of chemicals and with each puff you introduce all those toxins in your body. However, what you probably do not know is that there is a new safer alternative to smoking that is taking the market by storm. This new alternative is known as e-cigarettes and it offers a myriad of health benefits as opposed to smoking.

Lowering Blood Pressure

It is a well-known fact that smoking can increase your blood pressure. While there is no definitive link between as to why this is, The American Heart Association has done extensive research on the matter. It is possible that smoking can increase blood pressure. Not every single smoker suffers from high blood pressure, but just smoking one single cigarette causes your blood pressure to temporarily rise for a few minutes.

E-cigarettes on the other do not have the same effect. A recent study was conducted over a year’s time that involved regular smokers and vapors. The doctors randomly tested the blood pressure of the individuals over a year’s time and results showed that people, who used e-cigarettes did not have as high blood pressure levels as compared to regular smokers.

Helps Fight Weight Gain While Kicking Cigarettes

If you have ever tried to quite smoking you have probably noticed an increase in your appetite. Studies show that around 80% of individuals that try to give up cigarettes gain weight, which usually leads them back to smoking. Putting on weight can be just as hazardous to your health as smoking. Excessive weight can lead to a myriad of heart problems.

However, if you use e-cigarettes as an aid to help kick tobacco it can greatly curb your appetite. A recent study proved this to be true. Doctors followed several women around for over a year, as they used e-cigarettes to kick tobacco and they all maintained a constant weight.

Smoking - Before and After

Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke can be just as harmful as smoking. Every time you light up you are exposing everyone around you to the odor and smoke that is produced. The people that inhale this smoke are at just as much risk to the dangers of smoking as you are. This is not to even mention that the odor clings to everything. It gets in your hair, clothes, drapes, and walls.

E-cigarettes on the other hand do not have this same effect because you are not actually exhaling a smoke. Instead, you are simply exhaling a vapor that is produced through the burning of an e juice. In fact, the smell of e-cigarettes is almost non-existent.

No Chance Of Burning Down Your Home

Anytime you are smoking a cigarette you are actually dealing with a live flame. It is a proven fact that cigarettes are the number one cause of fire related deaths in the United States. Since e-cigarettes operate completely different than regular cigarettes you don’t have to worry about an open flame, which poses much less of a fire hazard.

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