Top 5 Side Effects of Elmiron Drugs and Why You Should Avoid It

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You may have heard of all of the Elmiron lawsuits currently being brandished about. The truth of the matter is that this drug has some serious side effects, often that people weren’t warned about before they began taking it. 

We took a look at some of the topmost destructive side effects of Elmiron drugs to have a discussion as to why to avoid it. If it’s too late for you, don’t forget you can get involved in Elmiron litigation with the help of a lawyer who handles these types of claims.

What is Elmiron?


“This medication is used to treat pain/discomfort from a certain bladder disorder (interstitial cystitis). It may work by forming a layer on the bladder wall and protecting it from harmful/irritating substances in the urine. It is also a weak “blood thinner” and therefore may increase the risk of bruising/bleeding (e.g., bleeding from the nose/gums).” –

Elmiron: The 5 Worst Side Effects and Why You Should Avoid It

Let’s talk about the side effects of Elmiron… and what makes it bad enough that people across the USA are suing the manufacturers for damages…?

1 – Alopecia

Although not the worst side effect for your physical health, hair loss on the head and body can be caused by Elmiron. This drug is commonly given out for cystitis, thereby excluding the hair loss from most men, but does cause serious self-esteem problems in the women that took it unawares. Alopecia should always be taken seriously due to the depressive emotions it can cause.

2 – Gastrointestinal Issues

Elmiron also causes some fairly severe stomach upsets. This can be terrible if you have been prescribed Elmiron when you have past experience of ulcers, or of being allergic to other stomach medications. If your job is in the kitchen, as a nurse, or anywhere else where stomach issues prevent you from attending, you might even have lost out on work because of Elmiron. 

3 – Bruising and mild haemorrhaging 

When you take Elmiron, it leads to bruising easily. You may find that you are prone to bruising from tiny bumps you wouldn’t normally have bruised by. It might even be that you suffer mild anal hemorrhaging, or blood in the stool. This is a fairly common side effect, according to Other blood disorders have been reported too, including anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and coagulation disorder, although these are much less frequent.

4 – Dizziness and Headaches

Strangely enough, this medication that was made to work on the lower body, has harmful effects on the upper body. If this medication has been impacting your eyes, it will come across to you as a headache, in your forehead or around the temples. You might also experience itching eyes, a sensitivity to light, and ever red eyes, as part of this. Dizziness and headaches are sometimes accompanied by a ringing in the ears, nosebleeds, or a runny nose. 

It’s also worth mentioning the respiratory issues in this section. Difficulty breathing, a dry throat, and discomfort swallowing are also common side effects.

5 – Pigmentary Maculopathy

Did you know that Elmiron medications cause severe eye issues? It is one of the main causes of loss of eyesight and eventual blindness in those who have taken it for prolonged periods of time. Pigmentary Maculopathy affects the center of your retinas in one or both eyes – and can leave you blind. It is the whole reason that so many Americans are suing Elmiron’s makers in a mass lawsuit.

If you have been negatively affected by Elmiron, it is time to join in.

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