How to Treat a Sinus Infection and Bronchitis

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Sick Man

Kids make me sick.

No, I don’t hate kids. They don’t disgust me. They just give me germs.

The reason I haven’t posted anything all week, is because I’ve been fighting a sinus infection and what we think might be bronchitis. The bronchitis seems to be getting better, but the sinus infection makes me feel like my head is going to blow up.

If you have a sinus infection, instead of getting on antibiotics, this is what you can do:

  • Get a generic saline nasal spray from your local pharmacy. Use as directed on the package.
  • Score some Pseudoephedrine-based Sudafed behind the counter. Use as directed.
  • Drink as much fluid as you possibly can.
  • Rest, rest, and rest more.

Don’t get me wrong, the sinus infection could get worse or spread. If it doesn’t go away within 5-7 days of using the nasal spray you should definitely see your doctor.

I’m also not saying you should take this advice, but this is what a triage nurse told me to do when I said I didn’t really have time to make an appointment with my doctor for a check up. Take my advice at your own risk.

This is what you should do if you have bronchitis or a chest cold:

  • Pick up some generic Musinex at the local pharmacy. Use as directed.
  • Drink tons of fluid, but avoid dairy products.
  • Pick up some sugar free cough drops: Ricola Green Tea with Echinacea
  • Rest, rest, and more rest.

The nurse didn’t say anything about the Ricola, I choose that on my own. Cough drops do help though.

Again, take my advice at your own risk. If you spike a fever at the same time, you should definitely see the doctor. The fever indicates that it could be something worse than just a chest cold or bronchitis.

Remember, fever = infection.

If you might have pneumonia, get your ass to the hospital.

So, that it. I haven’t been writing at all because I haven’t been able to think at night. I’ve been going to bed early and avoiding the computer for the most part. We’ve got some good things coming up here on Project Swole, so please don’t give up on me yet!

How to Stay Healthy

There are a couple things you should do to try to stay healthy.

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8 Responses to “How to Treat a Sinus Infection and Bronchitis”

  1. Lol, reading the first couple of sentences reminded me of my elementary school teacher. I hope you have solved your sinus infection for good.

  2. I used the following with my Neti Pot. I added the recommended saline PLUS one drop of Iodophor Liquid. Don’t use Betadine because it contains soap. Use this rinse three times a day. The iodine eliminated the sinus infection in 2 days. I determined that one drop in that amount of liquid was not adversely toxic. It has a very short half-life and I barely noticed the odor. I also must mention that this method is not approved by any medical establishment or the FDA. However, I am still alive!

  3. Very helpful tips (this coming from a nurse) Most of the tips are to aid in the removal of all the ‘crap’ in your system.
    The one point you might want to consider when wanting to ‘Stay Healthy’ is WASHING YOUR HANDS. Most common colds and even the flu is transmitted and acquired from not washing your hands.
    Think about everything your hands touch. Then think about that person who does not wash their hands after they use the bathroom or take out the garbage or who currently has a cold!
    Great stuff.
    Thanks for the info

  4. I you have s sinus infection also try the NeilMed nasal rinse. This is different from spray because the rinse actually gets up into your sinus passages.

    When I was pregnant with a sinus infection I was banned from antibiotics and nasal steroid sprays (like Nasonex). My only option was the nasal rinse and it got so much disgusting gook out of my head that was probably in there for years.

    I no longer use antibiotics for sinus infections. The nasal rinse will clear it up if you use it twice a days for about 4-6 days. The infections also come less often now that I use the rinse and I also have less allergy problems.

  5. Thanks for the article Steve. Very good advice. I currently have been suffering from a sinus infection, and have been delaying a Dr. visit. I really don’t like to treat every little thing with anti-biotics.
    Just went and took some juice, and will have a container of water near me all day.
    I will also rest, rest and rest.

  6. sorry to hear you got the crap going around. I’ve had it since the 3rd and it sucks. even had a fever in the middle of it. I’m feeling mondo better, today, though. If you’re not already feeling well, get that way soon!

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