Sudafed with Pseudoephedrine

Posted February 20, 2009 in Medical 3 Comments »

Finally I am starting to feel just slightly better after battling illness for well over a week. This is still just a short nonsense blog post, but I finally feel comfortable writing material again.

I did end up having to go to the doctor, who ended up prescribing me antibiotics. But I also wanted to mention that I picked up some generic Sudafed with Pseudoephedrine, and that really helped a lot with trying to deal with my stuffy sinus infection.

Don’t get the Pseudoephedrine-free version though, as I hear it doesn’t help that much. Instead, ask for the real deal at the pharmacy window. Most stores no longer stock the high Pseudoephedrine based Sudafed in the isles, instead they have it protected in the back room where the pharmacists are.

That is all I have to say for now, as I am exhausted and must get to bed.

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3 Responses to “Sudafed with Pseudoephedrine”

  1. If you’re prone to sinus infections, you might want to look into nasal irrigation ( It’s the most effective method for preventing and treating sinus infections. The easiest and most cost effective is a simple saline irrigation kit, usually consisting of a squirt bottle and buffered saline packets.

    If you’re prone to particularly severe sinus infections or chronic sinusitis, then I recommend also using a steam inhaler, and probably keeping a humidifier around to prevent a dry environment from wreaking havoc on your sinus cavities.

    Pseudoephedrine will thin the mucus, making these even more effective. However, antibiotics are probably the least effective treatment as sinus infections are often viral, or consist of bacteria simply not really affected by the usual oral antibiotics.

    For what it’s worth, I used to suffer from chronic sinus problems and frequent infection until I employed these. Now if I get a sinus infection its severity diminishes rapidly.

    You can verify my claims by reading most reputable medical websites and studies on rhinosinusitis.

  2. Steve,

    Here’s hoping you feel a little better today. The world is falling down around me with all the antibiotic needed illness. As for the likes of cold and sinus products, we need to sign our life away at the local pharmacy (drivers license needed)to get the privilege of buying the stuff.

    Shameless plug for a giveaway on my blog
    today too.

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