MMA Workouts are Not Just for Men

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The following guest post was contributed by Alexia Krause, a PR executive who is writing today about MMA Workouts for women.

MMA Workouts are not Just for Men

Mixed martial arts appears to be a male dominated sport, yet the number of women who are becoming part of the MMA community is continually growing.

There are many female MMA fighters (including Kaitlyn Young and Gina Carano), who follow the same rigorous regimens as their male counterparts. These inspiring ladies have broken open the doors to what used to be the “boy’s club” of MMA. They use the same techniques, MMA equipment, and exercises that most fighters would use.

MMA Girls
MMA Training for Women

MMA training has the ability to help women stay fit while participating in a competitive and exhilarating sport.

MMA Workouts for Conditioning

A MMA workout may sound intimidating. However, with the right frame of mind, guys and girls alike can use it to their advantage.

MMA workouts train the whole body as one unit, which is a great way to keep the body moving and in shape. A normal training session can include cardio sprints, jumping jacks, and accelerated core workouts.

The training of a fighter is a daily endeavor and requires more dedication than a couple visits to the gym each week. Additionally, whether you are a beginner to regular exercise, or supplementing an existing, more advanced routine, these exercises certainly pack a noticeable punch.

MMA Workouts for Self Defense

On a more serious note, it’s a known fact that men are generally bigger than women by nature and therefore, women are prone to planned attacks from men because they can be considered an easier target. However, with the proper self-defense tactics, you can help even-out the fight. For this reason, a lot of women seek out self-defense classes.

The added bonus of self-defense training is the exercise that the individual gets by taking part in the classes. Most people don’t consider the fact that self-defense training is a great way to exercise while increasing your resiliency at the same time.

Additionally, MMA exercise routines often include simulated fight training to teach proper self-defense techniques that will be utilized during a match. Therefore, anyone looking for self-defense classes, or an intense exercise routine, or both, might want to check out MMA training.

Have no Fear!

Keep in mind, there is no reason to be nervous about getting hurt because in order to actually train properly, exercises and simulated fights involve the use of MMA gear like MMA gloves in order to avoid injury.

MMA Training is a great conditioning tool for both men and women, and should be considered for any ladies who are looking to get into better shape, take out some aggression, or to learn how to defend themselves.

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5 Responses to “MMA Workouts are Not Just for Men”

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  2. MMA is an awesome way to train. The ground work really helps to build muscular endurance and core strength while the boxing had kicking improve cardio. Women make good fighters, sometimes the groundwork actually comes more naturally.

  3. The following techniques are banned in MMA but are excellent for self-defense. Do you really think you’d get training in these in a ring-fighting oriented school?

    * Headbutting
    * Eye gouging
    * Hair pulling
    * Biting
    * Downward Elbow Strikes
    * Fish-hooking
    * Attacking the groin
    * Strikes to the back of the head and spinal area
    * Strikes to, or grabs of the trachea
    * Small joint manipulation (fingers/toes)
    * Kneeing an opponent in the head while he is on the ground
    * Stomping on a downed opponent

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with some female MMA fighters at Thaiboxing seminars who would definitely hold their own with just about any man who would attack them… But they’re trained fighters who are strong and aren’t afraid to get bruised up. 99% of women, and an awful lot of men, don’t want to commit to that kind of training.

  4. I took on the philosophy years ago that women should train like men. I still wouldn’t pay to see them fight, but they’re still impressive.

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