Tips For Quitting Smoking

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Healthy CoupleIt’s hard to move forward on your path to getting Swole when you get trapped by unhealthy lifestyle habits. Quitting smoking is a big step, but many have done it before and many more will do it after. So, here are some tips to ensure you’re the next one to kick the habit.

    1.   Set Goals
      Set your time and date to quit; you are going to naturally quit smoking so until then you want to continue smoking as usual.Set your time and date to stop and then keep smoking as usual up until that time. Don’t try cutting down before then, all that does it make cigarettes appears to be more valuable than less valuable.

  1. Look Forward
    Keep in mind, you won’t be giving anything up since cigarettes don’t do anything for you whatsoever.  They don’t provide you with a crutch or any genuine pleasure, they just keep you addicted – you are a slave to nicotine.
    You need to get this clear in your mind: you aren’t losing anything and you’re making incredibly positive gains in money, energy, and health, as well as in freedom, self-respect, confidence, and most importantly, the quality and length of your new life.  Being a non-smoker is something you will enjoy right from the minute you put your final cigarette out.   
  2. Actually Quit
    Smoke your last cigarette; you will be easily giving up smoking, so make your solemn vow.
    There is actually nothing for you to give up – you are getting rid of a negative thing.  Light up your last cigarette and then make your solemn vow that no matter what highs and lows you might encounter in the future, you won’t ever smoke another cigarette or use any form of nicotine ever again.
    It is one of the most critical decisions that you will ever make since the quality and length of your future life absolutely depends on it.  You also know that it is the best decision even as you are making it.  Once you make the decision that you know is the right one, don’t ever doubt or start questioning your decision.
  3. Stand Firm During Withdrawal
    Be cool about your withdrawal; there is only a slight physical withdrawal and is passes quickly. 
    For a couple of days, your body continues withdrawing from nicotine but that doesn’t necessarily mean you must crave cigarettes or be miserable.   There is a very slight physical withdrawal – but it isn’t painful – and it passes very quickly. Also, it’s what smokers have been suffering from for their entire smoking lives.  However, non-smokers don’t suffer from it.  So once you are a non-smoker, you will be free forever from it.
    If you associate cigarettes with a break, drink, tea, or coffee, then have them at that moment, rather than think, “I can’t smoke a cigarette,” and instead think, “it’s so great, now I can really enjoy this time without needing to choke to death.”
  4. Be Social
    Socialize the way you normally do; it isn’t necessary to avoid smokers since you won’t be craving cigarettes Don’t avoid life or smoking situations. Enjoy social occasions and go out right from the very beginning and don’t be jealous of smokers, but pity them instead.  Realize they will be jealous of you since all of them wish they could be just like you: completely free of the entire dirty nightmare.
  5. Move onto Something Else
    A lot of people find taking up ecigs can be a big help in trying to quit the cigs and there is a lot of evidence to support it. It also smells a lot better as anyone who has come into contact with strawberry belts ejuice can a test.
  6. Use Distraction Techniques
    Don’t try not thinking about smoking- that doesn’t work. 
    If I tell you to not think about that brick wall, what do you start to think about?  Just be sure that whenever you think about it that you don’t think: “I really want to smoke a cigarette but I’m not allowed to have one.”
    Instead, you should think, “isn’t it great, I don’t have to smoke anymore and don’t want to. Hooray, I’m a non-smoker.  That way you can think about everything you like and be happy still.
  7. Don’t Start Again!
    After you stop smoking there isn’t anything as “just one” cigarette.
    Don’t be fooled into think that you can have the occasional cigarette to be sociable or for getting over a hard moment.  Doing that will send you back into the trap very quickly.  Don’t ever think in terms of just one cigarette.  You need to think about it in terms of an entire lifetime chain.  Keep in mind there isn’t any such thing as only one cigarette.

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