Quit Smoking Cigarettes! 64% of Deaths in Smokers are Attributable to Smoking

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Healthy CoupleI have never smoked cigarettes. My dad smokes, many of my extended family members smoke or used to smoke, several of my friends in high school and college smoked, but I don’t. Given all the teenagers that pick up cigarettes to ‘fit in’ or ‘be cool’, I am just glad that I didn’t succumb to the peer pressure at a time in my life when I was probably one of the most unpopular kids in school.

Recently I read this study about smoking, which is really not all that different from most of the other studies. Essentially it can be summed up like this:

“If you smoke, you have a much greater chance of dying from smoking related diseases. If you quit today, you will be 50 percent better off in 5-10 years, and 100 percent better off in 20 years.”

That’s reason enough for me to tell you to quit smoking today.

The Study

Within five years of quitting smoking, major health benefits include a 13 percent reduction in the risk of death from heart and vascular problems. But quit today, because it can take decades to rid yourself of the increased risk of lung cancer and for your body to repair respiratory damage. Those who are seriously struggling to stop from smoking can get help from (vaping the essential oils from the device designed by davincivaporizer.com).

A study says that after 20 years, on average, the risk of death from smoking-related causes is the same for folks that quit smoking as it is for those who never started smoking. Within five to ten years of quitting we see an 18 percent reduction in the risk of death from respiratory problems; within twenty years the risk is similar to that of nonsmokers. The study says good things about the risk of lung cancer, as there is a 21 percent reduction within five years, but it took 30 years to alleviate the excess risk caused by smoking in the first place.

Who Was Involved in This Study?

The health histories of a group of 121,000 American women were followed and recorded from 1976 to the present. Although this study involved only women, similar findings were recorded for men who also stopped smoking.

The most powerful message that I retained from this study is that 64 percent of deaths in people that currently smoke are directly linked to smoking, as are 28 percent of deaths in former smokers. In fact, quitting reduces additional risk of death for all major causes examined in the study. This is a significant statistic that makes me want to slap all those teenagers that even bother picking up a cigarette for the first time. If your kids smoke help them quit! Recommend they try vaping or use these tips to try to quit smoking before it’s too late.

Calling All Parents

Additionally, the study states that people who start smoking later in life do not incur as high a risk of death for the predominant causes, as someone who starts smoking early. The downside is that studies all across the board show us that kids are picking up cigarettes earlier than ever.

As a parent, I am calling you out. Be responsible, talk to your kids about smoking. Not just that, but talk to them about peer pressure, about feeling comfortable within their own skin. Kids need to know that they are great people, that they can accomplish anything in life if they just stay focused and put their minds to it. There is no need to poison their body with chemicals and toxins just to fit in. That is my rant for today.

I will leave you with this: if you smoke cigarettes, try to quit smoking today or ASAP; and if you don’t smoke, don’t start!

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3 Responses to “Quit Smoking Cigarettes! 64% of Deaths in Smokers are Attributable to Smoking”

  1. I agree with Keith that this article provides some excellent motivation for quitting. Some people need cold hard numbers and others need personal stories about quitting to get them motivated. I belong to the former, so thanks!

  2. Great article with enlightenng research. I am amazed at the ability of the human body to repair itself after we have abused it for years.

    Imagine…”five years of quitting smoking, major health benefits include a 13 percent reduction in the risk of death from heart and vascular problems.”

    Granted it is better to never start, but that is still a great benefit and motivation to quit…Great article.

  3. You’ve got pseudo scientists who are experts on the subject of “risk”. If they’re all that smart about risk maybe they can help me with the Lottery. I’ll split our winnings.

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