Meditation with NFL Running Back Ricky Williams

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You might think it’s kookie or wacky if you’ve never put any time into learning about the benefits of meditation. I am here to tell you now, that judging or making assumptions about things before you really understand them, is totally ignorant. I implore you now to open your mind and be introspective.

Today I want you to read an article posted on ESPN about meditating with Ricky Williams – the running back for the Miami Dolphins.

Now, I HATE the Miami Dolphins. I am a die-hard Patriots fan and I would never willingly say anything good about a Miami Dolphin or a New York Jet, but Ricky Williams really has something worthwhile to say.

Every Wednesday for the last 5 weeks and continuing indefinitely, Williams has an open invitation to meditate with him at Nova Southeastern University campus, in a quiet classroom. He leads the meditation and teaches his followers how to meditate effectively.

So how many people come to this event? As of last Wednesday: 8. Yes, 8. And that’s after he announces the event via Twitter!

Ricky Williams Meditation
Ricky Williams Meditation

If NSU was anywhere near me, I would make it a point to get there and meditate with Ricky Williams. After all that he has put himself through in the 2000’s, what with quitting the Dolphins, getting busted for pot, suffering from an anxiety disorder, NFL suspensions, etc… he has come back stronger than ever, and with positive messages for you, me, and everyone who is willing to listen.

Important points to take away from this article:

  • Ricky Williams is jacked
  • meditation can help you relax
  • meditation can help you solve difficult internal problems
  • meditation can put you in touch with your body
  • meditation doesn’t have to be about religion
  • meditation can put you in touch with lost feelings of love, hope, and happiness
  • Ricky Williams means well; he really does desire to help people
  • yoga is an effective way to meditate

You might also be wondering how these strategies can help you with your diet and training. I am here to tell you that meditation and yoga are extremely effective relaxation techniques that can help you recover quicker from workouts, improve the mind-muscle connection, get in better touch with your physical body, control cravings and appetite, and best of all – these strategies can introspectively help you figure out when and where mental and emotional issues are causing you to sabotage your diet, training, and other aspects of your life.

By using these techniques you can improve your outlook on life and blast through plateaus in your training. Keep an open mind throughout your life – you will never regret it, but you might one day regret being closed minded and ignorant, and I know I do.

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