How To Move Your Gym Without Breaking a Sweat

If you are thinking of moving home soon and you find yourself in possession of a home gym, you’re probably all too aware of the enormity of the task that is ahead for you when it comes to moving everything from your old home to your new one. Just as you don’t want to injure yourself during a workout, you especially don’t want to do any harm to yourself moving your gym equipment without proper care!

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As I see it, there are two ways you could go about it: you could enlist the help of a professional gym equipment removal service or you could do it yourself. While we would probably recommend the former choice, god loves a trier – so if you’re willing to put the effort in with moving all your personal gym equipment then who are we to deny you the opportunity?

Here’s a handy guide for how to move your home gym to your new home without making a workout of it!

Make sure everything is squeaky clean
We don’t mean cover everything in dish soap so it’ll slide along the floor – this is a recipe for disaster. Instead, making sure that everything is sanitised will ensure that you don’t transfer any harmful bacteria to your new home.

Gyms are an absolute hotbed for germs and bacteria so it’s best to ensure you always wipe down your equipment and regularly (a month or two) give everything a ‘deep clean’.

Don’t sweat the small stuff
Keep everything that’s relatively small in size and weight together. Yoga mats should be rolled up and stored together to save space, along with any towels or blocks you may happen to use – store these all in large boxes so they are kept together.

Keep dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and other hand weights in smaller boxes relative to their weight – you absolutely don’t want to overdo it with these as they will be a nightmare to move if they are too heavy.

If any boxes aren’t completely packed, then line the insides with bubble wrap to avoid anything knocking about during transit.

Taking the treadmill for a walk
Probably the heaviest lift of the project, it’s critical that you don’t attempt to do this alone. Either enlist the help of a friend to help you move the treadmill with moving blankets, or use a dolly with wheels to help move the machine from your home to the moving van – and back to your new home!

Getting the bike on a roll
You’ll spend a lot of time wishing the stationary bike actually had a set of wheels on it when it comes to moving this one – but don’t worry, it’s actually not as difficult as it looks. Most gym bikes are relatively lightweight but it would still be advisable to placing it on a moving blanket and taking it slow and steady outside your home. Make sure that you don’t attempt to move this without the help of moving blankets otherwise you could stand to do some serious damage to your floor – and the people moving into your old home will NOT thank you for that!

We probably shouldn’t have to tell you gym buffs this, but it’s a good time to remind you – whenever you attempt to do any lifting, always do it with your knees and not your back!

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