How to Calculate the Number of Calories Burned By Cycling?

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calories burned by cycling

Most of us, powerlifters excluded, try to burn as many calories as possible on any given day. Cycling can be a great way by which you can burn a lot of calories a day without doing much. Can you give me a definite number of calories burned by cycling? Maybe you don’t have an answer to this question. This is where you need my help so read this post which will discuss how to calculate how many calories you burn while cycling.

Start With the Basal Metabolic Rate

When people ask the question, ‘how many calories do you burn cycling?’ Your answer probably would be ‘a lot of calories’ despite not knowing the actual number. It is important to know about the entire process of burning calories. Each and every individual who lives in this world burns calories all the time even when they are sleeping. Those calories are the ones that are required to keep your body functioning. This is called the BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate.

When you start cycling, you need extra calories. Make sure you know that an average person weighing around 150 pounds when bike at an average pace will burn nearly 400 calories in an hour. Burning this many calories is enough if you bike an hour or two a day. This makes quite hard to put on weight and relatively easy to lose weight during this time. 

How Many Calories are Burned in an Hour by Cycling?

To find out how many calories an individual burns by cycling an hour at an easy or average pace of 15 to 20km/hr:

  1. Measure your weight in pounds, for example, 150 pounds.
  2. Divide the number by 2.2 to convert your weight in kilograms. Here, it is 81.8 kg.
  3. Multiply the weight in kilograms by 6. Here, the number you get after multiplying is 490, which means you can burn 490 calories per hour by cycling an hour.

This formula is for you if you cycle at a speed of 15 to 20 km/hr and if you can ride at a faster pace you can burn even more calories. The more weight you lose, the faster you will go. It is a good practice to cycle each day and many cyclists and end up getting the desired body shape. 

How to Calculate the Weight You Can Lose by Cycling?

There is no difficulty in finding this value. Just follow my instructions.

If you cycle for three hours a week, whether it’s mountain biking, road racing, or a hybrid bike like this one, you can burn off around 1470 calories a week. This will make 76,440 calories in a year. A pound of body fat is equal to 3500 calories so 76440 calories are approximately 22 pounds. This means you can lose 22 pounds of weight without eliminating your favorite food items from your diet. 

Anyone Can Ride a Bike

If you are a larger sized individual, then you might find it difficult to ride a bike. Don’t feel bad about this as there are ways to lose weight even under this condition. All you need to do is buy a gadget like a static bike which can be of great help to you. With its help, you can easily reduce those extra kilos from your body. 

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