Building a Home Gym with Used Exercise Equipment

There’s nothing better than to be able to walk outside, or go down stairs, and lift some weights. Sometimes it is expensive to build a full home gym set up. This is why I am starting to build my arsenal of used exercise equipment for extra workouts around the house. Clearly I will need more, newer, and better equipment that I currently have, but this is a start.

To date I have the following equipment:

  • two 45 lb Powerblocks
  • two ab rollers
  • springs
  • one rusty 45 lb olympic bar
  • one rusty 20 lb e-z curl bar
  • 200 lbs of old plastic weights that only fit on the e-z curl bar
  • one big ass heavy bag hanging from a hook in the shed + gloves
  • two pullup bars, neither of which are currently up
  • one grassy park with a river across the street from my house, which I will use for sprinting, doing pull-ups in the trees, tree climbing, boat rowing, and a variety of other activities
  • one piece of really awkward driftwood that is useful for lifting and carrying in various ways

I shall take some pictures and post them shortly. It is only July, so Project Swole is still in effect for the next two months. This will be my first week of being 100% my own boss and I anticipate weight training to resume in a 3-workouts-per-week schedule.

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