Halloween Pumpkin Fat Loss Circuit

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Here we have what is essentially bodyweight circuit training, but using a pumpkin for resistance. You might laugh, but pumpkins can weigh 10-20 pounds if they’re big enough. I don’t know that this is a ‘good’ idea, but at least it demonstrates how to think outside the box.

Repeat the 4-minute workout below, 4-5 times for a Halloween-themed 20 minute fat burning workout.

Now check out these other Halloween themed workouts by The Workout Muse.

Halloween Pumpkin Workout- Imminent Death Circuit A

Halloween Pumpkin Workout- Imminent Death Circuit B

Pumpkin Cardio Circuit

They have some other Halloween pumpkin workouts on YouTube if you search their uploads page. They also have other great instructional videos and fat burning workouts such as tabata training. Check it out if you get bored.

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