Fish Oil and Hash Help Prevent Psychotic Episodes

Fish Oil Helps Prevent Psychosis

Crazy Fish
Crazy Fish

A study of potential schizophrenics has determined that supplementing with fish oil, primarily long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, can reduce the risk of ever developing full-blown schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder. In fact, supplementing with fish oil was found to be equally effective at preventing psychotic episodes as anti-psychotic medications.

The study was conducted with 81 patients at ultra-high risk of developing a psychotic disorder. At the end of the study, less than 5% of patients supplementing with fish oil developed full-blown psychosis, while nearly 28% of patients in the placebo group transitioned to a psychotic state.

This is great news for adolescents, since that age group is highly affected by the weight gain side effects of anti-psychotic medication. Supplementing daily with fish oil sounds like a great idea to me.

Fish oil is also great for:

  • Assisting Workout Recovery
  • Improving Heart Health
  • Helping Boost Immune Function
  • Maintaining Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails

The Study: Long-Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Indicated Prevention of Psychotic Disorders

The take home message: supplement with fish oil to keep your brain and body healthy, and get your kids to take a daily fish oil supplement too.

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Cannabis Contributes to Psychosis

In a related study from last year that I just happen to recall, smoking ‘skunk’, the most common form of marijuana, can increase the risk for developing a psychotic episode. Scientists seemed to believe that the THC content of ‘skunk’ is very high compared to hash or resin, and that the long term effects of high doses of THC can alter the brain structure to be more susceptible to psychotic episodes.

Apparently cannabidiol in cannibis actually helps prevent psychotic episodes, while THC has the opposite effect. ‘Skunk’ has 9 times as much THC than cannabidiol, while hash and resin have nearly equal amounts of both.

The take home message: if you must get high, only smoke hash.

I won’t touch on the medicinal uses of marijuana at this time, nor will I write about other negative effects on health. You can choose if you want to smoke or not. At least medicinal use should be legalized though, but that’s just my opinion.

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  1. This is good news! As i take an abundant amount of Fish, and Flaxseed oil every day, twice a day. I really think it is more important to supplement with a Multivitamin and fish oil more so than protein powder while working out. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m going to work out, I’m going to use protein powder post-workout, and then again in the morning and so on and so forth. But people would REALLY benefit by taking a multi and using fish oil. These two supplements can do WONDERS for your overall health, and they also help your body to do all of the things it does everyday more efficiently by having what it needs to perform its daily routines.

    3 cheers for Fish oil! lol

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