5 Reasons Your Girlfriend Wants You to Quit Smoking

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Today we at Project Swole want to deliver a public service announcement about smoking cigarettes and vaping. Do yourself, your family, and your friends a favor, and take the time to read this through.healthy couple

Having lived with smokers, been friends with smokers, and been in romantic relationships with smokers; and knowing the harm that smoking cigarettes does to the body, we firmly disapprove of smoking. However, we also realize how hard it can be to overcome addiction and stay clean – sometimes there can be a middle ground, and in this case we believe using a vaporizer could be the first stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re a smoker in a relationship, there’s a good chance your significant other would much rather see you vaping than smoking. Here’s why:

  1. She Cares about Your Health
    If you’re a smoker, it’s safe to say that anyone who cares about you would rather see you quit smoking. Your significant other is going to be foremost among those who would like to see you kick the habit. It’s no secret that smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and disease in Australia. And given the wealth of research showing that vaping is so much less harmful than smoking (including this recent study at University College London), it’s clearer than ever that vaping is an effective and healthy way to quit smoking.
  2. E-Cigarette Vapour Actually Smells Pleasant.
    When you’re a regular smoker, your sense of smell becomes desensitized. Over time, you quit noticing that everything around you smells like smoke – your clothes, your hair and especially your breath. The last one can be a major deterrent for your significant other, even if they don’t have the heart to tell you. For a non-smoker, sharing a kiss with someone who smokes is never as pleasant as it could be. But when you vape rather than smoke, the vapour you produce smells pleasant.
  3. Vaping Is Better for Your Libido
    We hate to break it to you, but smoking could be putting a damper on your sex life. Studies have shown that smoking can reduce fertility in men – but that’s only part of the problem. Research tells us that men who smoke experience diminished libido and have sex half as often as their non-smoking peers. Amazingly, this even applies to young men in their 20s. It’s not just the frequency of sex that suffers. The smokers in this study also reported lower satisfaction from their sexual encounters. With that in mind, vaping instead of smoking could actually save your sex life.
  4. Vaping Is Fashionable.
    Thanks to the scope and variety of e-cigarettes available, vaping is more fashionable than ever. Compare the look of a slender and sophisticated vape pen with a chrome finish and matte details to a paper cigarette pulled from a cardboard packet, and there’s no question that vaping is way ahead of tobacco in terms of style. And with so many shapes, colours and overall styles of e-cigs available, you’re sure to find one that suits your preferences. You may even decide to invest in two or three models so you always have one to suit the occasion.  
  5. She Hates Seeing the Stigma of Smoking Applied to You.
    No two ways about it: smokers are stigmatised in Australia. Current legislation is firmly against smoking, and public opinion of smokers has plummeted in recent years. In an opinion piece on News.com.au, one writer told a story in which a neighbour repeatedly harassed him for smoking across the street, to the point that the neighbour doused him with a squirt gun. The neighbour was in the wrong, but the stigma is real. Your girlfriend doesn’t want people to look at you like that.

Quitting smoking used to be incredibly difficult, but thanks to vaping, it’s easier than ever. Make the switch today, and your partner is liable to thank you.

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