3 Features Women Should Look For in Performance Athletic Wear

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3 Features Women Should Look For in Performance Athletic Wear

Daria Holcomb
Daria Holcomb

Today’s guest post is written by Daria Holcomb. Daria is the amazingly fit and attractive founder of Fit Girl Gear, a fashion-forward online store for women.

How to Choose Athletic Wear

Our feminine curves and shapely figures may be fun to shop for when it comes to casual attire, but in the world of ladies fitness wear, we have high demands for performance & fit.

Here are some things to look for when shopping for your next gym tank top or a new pair of yoga pants.

  1. Double Stitch or a Flat Stitch.

    Have you ever gotten blisters or skin sensitivity from a tank top?

    One thing to look for are flat sport stitches that prevent or minimize the amount of contact the thread has with your skin. Sport garments are made with more durable thread and garments that have a tight fit may cause discomfort during and after exercise. Those tops that come lined with shelf bras or inner lining or any kind should always be double stitched on the inside to ensure it can last through rigors of working out and multiple washes.

  2. Moisture Wicking Fabric.

    Look for nylon and spandex blends, such as Supplex. They are light, soft as cotton, durable, and most importantly will wick away sweat from your skin during your workout.

    Staying dry, especially if you work out for extended periods of time, is also key to keeping your skin healthy. Warmth and moisture are the two things that will leave your cotton ratty T-shirt smelling like a “gym T-shirt” for months to come, and may leave your skin susceptible to fungus if you are not in the habit of changing clothes immediately after working out. So, avoid cotton at all cost and go for fabric specifically designed with athletic demands in mind.

    Editors note: As a man, even I can’t stand the disgustingly wretched stench of my gym t-shirts after a couple months. I might not get into the habit of wearing spandex, but I surely will try to find an alternative to nasty cotton gym tees. Thanks Daria!
  3. Flexibility, Durability, & Support.

    Another disadvantage of cotton and similar cotton blend fabrics is that they are neither flexible, nor durable. You could wear a large cotton T-shirt and have the freedom of motion you need, but the fabric that does not have at least a snug fit will not breathe and certainly will not wick away sweat from your skin.

    Look for stretchy material that can contract and expand as needed, without thinning or fussing. As females, we want to prevent any unnecessary bounce and movement during exercise, so select tank to that compress those parts of our bodies with a supportive layer closest to the skin.

Lastly, have fun with your style! Get items that flatter you and motivate you to work out when you put them on!

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