The Truth About Alcohol Use and Weightlifting

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There are lots of ways to unwind, socialize, and enjoy yourself. If you are over the age of 21 then you are not only allowed but likely have been encouraged to drink alcohol. On the surface, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink or two, particularly with friends over the weekend. The real issue is that drinking any amount of alcohol is a complex issue. And if you are lifting heavy to try and build muscle, you really should know how using alcohol could impact you physically. Here is a complete guide on alcohol use and how it can impact weightlifters.

What is in an Alcoholic Beverage?

Whether you drink a beer, a shot of hard alcohol, a glass of wine, or a mixed drink, the alcohol present is going to change your body’s chemistry. So, what is alcohol actually made of? Alcohol is exactly what it sounds like – a chemical that causes the human body’s internal processes to be slightly altered whenever it is consumed.

There are different types of alcohol out there but the one that people drink is called ethanol. Most times, ethanol is formed by way of fermentation; grapes are processed and fermented to make wine, wheat and barley for beer, and so on. When you drink an alcoholic beverage, you are consuming a mixture of ethanol and other ingredients that directly impact the potency of the drink itself.

The Draw of Alcohol in Modern Society

It might happen in college, when you start hanging out with work colleagues or see the phenomena in your very own home as you grow up. Although it is taught in school that alcohol is potentially dangerous and should be used sparingly, society sees alcohol as a fairly harmless tool for escaping and bonding.

When you drink enough alcohol, your brain becomes impaired and your thinking becomes hazy. You might feel some relaxing effects, but too much alcohol consumption can also lead to angry outbursts, emotional fits, and seriously troubling decision making. Since alcohol is perfectly legal to drink for people aged 21 and over, you can buy it in any store, drink it at most restaurants, or stop in a bar and drink for hours.

The long story short is that drinking and even abusing alcohol is some cases is perfectly normal in modern society. You have to be fully aware of what it can do to you, your body, and your life.

What Weightlifters Should Be Aware of About Alcohol

For the average person, there might be concerns about becoming addicted to alcohol but simply being aware is usually enough for them to gain control. Generally, when someone has a few drinks it takes place in a social setting, perhaps at a wedding, a party, or even in a club. There is usually a moment of self-awareness that takes place after the fact and said person vows to reduce, pace, or even eliminate alcohol from their life. The impact that alcohol has on weightlifters is a lot more pronounced, and here is why.

First and foremost, drinking alcohol in any amount can really set you back in the gym. It impacts not only your brain but physical as well as muscle coordination. Long after alcohol has fully ‘processed,’ the traces left over in your body can do you serious harm if you are trying to build muscle or even maintain your physique. The long story short is that consuming alcohol isn’t so harmless for those who are dedicated to fitness.

Recovering Physically from Alcohol Consumption

The first part of recovering from alcohol consumption is to wait for the primary effects to subside. What this means is that enough time has to pass before you no longer feel drunk or “buzzed.” After that, you might feel hungover and physically sluggish the next day. Some people experience headaches, nausea, and/or severe tiredness, even if they only had a few drinks. You are more likely to experience a noticeable hangover if you are an occasional drinker.

Taking in as many clear fluids as possible will help to flush the alcohol out of your system. Drinking fluids that have electrolytes will also help your body to feel more balanced. Essentially, time, water, rest, and perhaps an alcohol flush is the best thing that can be done to physically recover from alcohol consumption.

At, weightlifters, health fanatics, and everyday people can find what they need to fully detoxify their bodies of alcohol. All ingredients used in Blue Sky Vitamin’s Alcohol Detox system are naturally beneficial. Cleanse your mind and body of the effects of alcohol so that you can focus on making heavy gains at the gym.

Maintaining Progress in the Gym When You Use Alcohol

While it is vital that all people know what impact alcohol can have on their bodies, there is also no reason to be frightened of it. Every so often, there will be reasons and times that you will simply want to have a drink with a friend or a relative. It isn’t going to take you weeks to get back into the swing of things when you go to the gym. At the same time, you also have to be perfectly transparent and honest with yourself. If you are going to drink regularly then you have to find a way to maintain your progress as a weightlifter.

Consider how alcohol is going to impact you prepare for weightlifting or fitness competitions, bulk up, or prepare to slim down. Think about how you control, change, and regulate your diet in preparation for certain times and remember to consider how much alcohol you are drinking. Likewise, if you are plateauing and you are looking at all potential causes, you also have to take regular alcohol use into consideration.

Eliminating All Remnants of Alcohol from Your System

Even with moderate alcohol use, your body is going to change. On the outside, regular alcohol use might age you a bit quicker than is necessary. You could end up looking tired or obviously hungover. The real issue is what regular alcohol use is going to do to your body on the inside.

Alcohol is processed in the liver. When the liver is overworked, other body functions can be compromised and even shut down. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to a fatty liver, liver disease, or potentially deadly Cirrhosis. An alcohol detox can jumpstart any and all efforts you make to get the remnants of alcohol from your body, and hopefully reverse any damage that has been done. Once all of these remnants are flushed out your liver will start to function normally again and you can focus on lifting heavy, building more muscle, and feeling healthy while working out.

Having just one drink isn’t going to change your body forever. The main issue is that it is hard to tell how much is too much alcohol. You can use your body weight to calculate the maximum drinks per hour you can consume, or you can simply approach alcohol in general with a more conservative mindset. Consider whether you want to get bigger and stronger or just be able to drink as much alcohol as you want.

Always consume alcohol in moderation and don’t hesitate to use an alcohol detox to rebalance your body if need be.

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