Physical Changes Men Can Expect After 50

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You may have heard the saying that age is just a number, and while that may be true physically for an exceptional few, it isn’t true if you are like the majority of men around the world. You may stay in shape, exercise frequently, and eat right most of the time, and still, you feel your body changing. In fact, as you near the age of 50, your body chemistry alters slightly, your muscle tolerance shifts, and bedroom experiences change, too. That doesn’t mean you need to work harder, but it does mean you should understand what to expect in your mental and physical health as you age. Here are some of the surprising changes men can expect after fifty.

Your Hormones Decline

Around the age of 50, your testosterone levels will begin to decline. As the hormone levels lower, you may find yourself gaining weight, feeling depressed, or having less energy. Another side effect of the diminishing T levels is thinning bones, smaller muscle mass, and less sex drive. There are testosterone supplements available in the form of shots and creams that have proven effective in raising T levels. You can also fight low libido by purchasing some ED pills online.

Your Memories Slow

Although your brain continues to create new cells well into your 60s, the ability to access memory slows down. Keeping the mind sharp can be fun as you change your habits and learn new skills or hobbies. As you modify your daily routines, the impulses of nerves between brain cells alter. This diversity affects your hippocampus, the memory center, which will stay strong or get larger, which means your mind can remain resilient. Learn to cook, garden, or gather with friends. Intellectual and social stimulation and interaction will allow you to keep your mental acuity long into the future.

Your Happiness Expands

Most men over the age of 50 find themselves experiencing more happiness in life. Whether it is satisfaction with the job, in relationships, or financially, the reported happiness levels rise significantly near the 5th decade birthday. Some researchers claim that once children leave home, stress levels lessen, and individuals find more happiness in the stress-less environment. Others claim men take fewer risks as they age, which can lead to higher happiness levels. Whatever the reason for the expansion of happiness, it means much less depression, which is a good thing.

Your Metabolism Decreases

If you were once blessed with the ability to eat hamburgers and guzzle down milkshakes each week with no problem, you might suddenly find your body can’t tolerate the meal anymore. Not only will your stomach empty much more slowly as you age, but your tolerance for dairy may change. Yes, a dairy hangover is a real thing, and once you hit 50, your body’s lactase production declines, and you may feel bloated and irritable. Cutting back on fatty foods and adding a probiotic supplement to your diet when you eat dairy can help. Walking more may also help stimulate your digestion as your metabolism decreases.

You don’t have to fret when your body suddenly changes near your 50th birthday. Instead, prepare for the modifications you may encounter in your mental, physical, and sexual side of life. Everyone’s body changes all the time – and that is a good thing.

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