How to Talk to Your Partner About Sexual Needs

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healthy couple talking about sexual needs

Intimacy and emotional connection depend on communicating with your partner, including outside the bedroom. Investing in excellent communication will ensure that you get the utmost from your partner, resulting in a healthier relationship in the long run. Yet, you must understand how to approach the topic of both your sexual needs, as it could be a little sensitive. The following insights will help ensure that the talk is successful.

Find The Right Time

Bedroom matters could be pretty sensitive for some people. Yet, this should not derail you from talking to your partner about your sexual needs. However, you must identify a suitable time to exchange ideas with your loved ones. It will ensure that the conversation does not seem awkward in the long run.

First, ensure that the place and time are comfortable for both parties. It will minimize discomfort and awkwardness. Most experts recommend picking a neutral time and location to hold this conversation. Yet, the chosen place has to be private. You will also need to avoid post-sex discussions, as they could be killjoys. Post-sex talks are also not as objective.

Focus on Intimacy

Your conversation is centered on intimacy and openness. A discussion centered on intimacy will likely help spur your connection. It will also show that you are connected beyond sexual intercourse, making both parties comfortable during the conversation. As long as you’re not suffering from low testosterone, it should be possible to encourage an increased quality of intimacy.

Ensure that you start your conversation pretty slowly. The idea is to feel more connected with your partner. In such instances, you must avoid blaming your partner or criticizing them. Pay attention to what you can do in the bedroom to amp fun. In addition, do not blindside your partner during this discussion. Let them not feel like they are getting blamed. Instead, show that you are in it together, aiming at improving your sex life in the long run.

Express Your Sexual Needs and Desires

Take the time to identify what you need in the bedroom, politely expressing it to your partner. It would help to pay attention to your expectations, fears, and desires. You could also air out some of the concerns you have. Such will be the time to suggest a few changes you look forward to trying in the bedroom.

For instance, do you wish to use a clitoral vibrator while making love? Would you want to try new ideas or styles? Being expressive will help your partner understand your sexual needs. In the long run, fulfilling your desires and fantasies will be an effortless venture. However, be gentle and polite during your expressions, avoiding blame and criticism. Perhaps, being a little flirtatious could help.

Pay Attention to Safety

Safe sex is the pillar of a healthy sexual relationship. This element covers multiple aspects, including infections, practices, pregnancies, and the number of partners. Talking about safe sex establishes grounds for rewarding sexual relationships in the long run.

Usually, it would be best to establish how many sex partners you are comfortable with within the relationship. Traditionally, most people appreciate having no more than one partner. However, people have evolved to accept multiple partners. Yet, minimizing the number of these partners will leave you healthier, spiritually and physically.

You will also need to pay attention to STIs, including HIV. Regular tests will ensure that you protect your partner. At the same time, your partner(s) should be ready to undergo STI tests from time to time, guaranteeing your safety. Apart from that, use protection and birth control measures to avoid infections and unwanted or unplanned pregnancies.

Final Thoughts

Talking to your partner from time to time, particularly about both parties’ sexual needs, will help improve your sexual relationship. Yet, being respectful and sensitive during the discussion will provide rewarding results. The insights above will help.

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