Drinking Water is Absolutely Crucial to Your Health

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Drinking water

If you want to stay healthy, it is absolutely mandatory that you are properly hydrated. Unfortunately, most people from around the world do not consume as many fluids as are actually needed. Remember that 60% of your body is made out of water. You need to be sure that you drink as much water as the body needs. Check out our popular post that talks about how much water you should drink to be sure your hydration plan is on point.

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But I digress…. let’s ask, why are all the doctors telling you that you need to drink more water? Here are some of the most important health benefits to remember. 

Lubricating Joints

Cartilage is found inside your spine’s discs and joints. They are made out of 80% water. If you are dehydrated for a long period of time, the shock-absorbing ability of your joints ends up being reduced. As a result, you instantly end up faced with joint pain. 

Water Is Needed For Mucus And Saliva

Saliva is very important for your body as it helps digest food. Your mouth needs to be moist. If this does not happen, damage appears. You want to drink water so that your mouth remains clean. 

Keep in mind that when you consume too many sweetened beverages, you can end up with tooth decay. That is why you should avoid them and it is always a lot better to simply drink water. 

Water Helps Deliver Oxygen Throughout Your Body

Remember that water is over 90% water. It is the blood that carries oxygen to all your body parts. If you do not drink enough water, blood will find it difficult to carry oxygen, leading to countless serious problems. 

Water Boosts Skin Beauty And Health

When you are dehydrated, your skin is really vulnerable to premature wrinkling and various skin disorders. It is practically impossible to have skin that looks great if you do not drink enough water. 

Regulating Body Temperature

Water stored in the skin’s middle layers goes to the surface through sweating as your body is heating up. When sweat evaporates, the body is cooled. As the body does not have enough water, heat storage increases. As a result, it is very difficult for the body to deal with heat strain. Physical strain is reduced when you drink enough water and heat increases. 

Your Digestive System Depends On Water

Your bowels need enough water or they do not work properly. Dehydration easily leads to problems with digestion, overly acidic stomachs, and constipation. As a result, you are at a much higher risk of developing stomach ulcers and heartburn. 

In a related note, water will help the body to reduce waste through sweating, feces, and urine. 

Nutrients And Minerals Are More Accessible With Water

Minerals and nutrients will dissolve when in contact with water. Without proper water content inside your body, it is very difficult for all the important nutrients to reach important parts of your body. You would basically find it really difficult to be properly nourished. 

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