4 Outdoor Activities That Help Improve Mental Health

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Outdoor activities

Whatever mental state you may be in, there is no shortage of benefits that you can get from being outdoors and doing short but rejuvenating exercises.

Exercise can give you that feeling of freedom and in play that most people who get that sense of being boxed in need every now and then. The simple act of getting out there and doing what’s good for you on a lovely day can energize you plenty.

Choose a doable one, something that you can easily insert into your daily routine. Go for the kind that you can ease into without having to put too much pressure on yourself to achieve it. Going to the gym may be a practical choice since you’re bound to find one nearby.

If you prefer to be on your own so you have all that time for yourself and for your thoughts, there are a couple of solo but equally fun activities you can try.


Lots of recent studies have supported the notion that exercise does ease any form of underlying stress both in the mind and the body.

Even though you’re in great shape and don’t really see the need to exert yourself physically, you can benefit from certain activities that can improve your overall disposition. How you feel inside will always have some correlation to how you think. When you feel good, you are bound to vibrate the energy of good.

Cycling is one of those outdoor activities that are entirely green—save the environment and the greens in your wallet. When you hop on a bike with a cycling powerpod and go as fast as you can, the burn that you’ll feel in your legs and arms is exhilarating. It’s a special kind of high that you can only get from pedaling away in wild abandon.

And if you start getting into the groove of biking, you won’t have to spend much on transportation anymore. It’s a legitimate method of going around town and doing a little sightseeing here and there to give you some fresh perspective.


Another exercise that will keep the sanctity of your knees for years to come is swimming. Much like biking, swimming keeps the pressure away from your vulnerable joints and keeps those liquid gels intact. Not many things are as refreshing as a few quick laps in the water.

A pool would be excellent, but if you’re up for it, swing by the beach and just glide through the waves with the sun and the sand all over you. Breathing in and out of the salty sea gives that cleansing effect. Also, it’s like getting that much-welcomed hug from Mother Nature. The resistance from the sea helps your entire body burn more fat as you swim against the tide.

The best thing about this activity is that it doesn’t really require much from you or any kind of equipment. All you need is your favorite swimwear, and you’re ready to go.


Kayaking is all core. When you’re not up for swimming, kayaking can give you a sense of serenity, especially when you do it in the morning. Whether it’s by the sea or a lake, you’ll get to experience the stillness of the water, which has fantastic therapeutic effects on the mind.

Just immersing in the relaxing sound of the paddle slicing through calm and quiet waters while enjoying the scenic view is something you’d be willing to spend on. When you try it for the first time, you’ll find yourself wanting more.

Walking or Running

There are so many ways to enjoy a summer morning or afternoon. But you will have to find the will in yourself to go out and see what’s on the outside. If you’re not an early riser, you can still catch beautiful views within the area by taking a walk.

Walking is the best form of exercise if you want to really get to know the city or town you’re in. A lot of walkers have confirmed that it’s easy to take your mind off the things that weigh heavy. You can escape your headspace, crank up the volume of your headsets, and simply get lost in your favorite tracks.

Also, if you’ve developed enough stamina and endurance, you can take your speed a notch higher and go for a run. When you’re into running, there are so many other helpful activities that you can be part of.

A lot of charities sponsor a fun run all the time. Most have 5K to 21K running distance. You can join an organization you feel passionate about and help them raise funds for good causes. You can be sure that doing something good for the community will never go to waste.

Check out the latest events in your community, and see if there’s any race up your alley. Fun runs usually start with 5K, then on to 10K, and then finally, 21K. Start small to avoid getting any pain above your knee and to work your way up to longer distances.

Do The Work

Once you put the time in to try to find the exercises and atmosphere that helps you improve your state of mind, things start to look up real quickly. If you find that you still need additional help to improve your mental state you can use a service like BetterHelp to try to find a compatible psychiatrist or therapist to talk through your thoughts and emotions. Don’t write off therapy – it has helped millions of people to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

When you’ve spent enough time out in the open, you’ll be surprised by what you start to notice. You’ll grow to become more appreciative of the day-to-day things that surround you as you take them all in—one step at a time.

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