5 Best Ways To Help Build Muscle After Your Workout

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Whenever you’re working out, you’re working hard. Whether your goal is fitness, bodybuilding, or simply losing a few pounds, the combination of exercise and nutrition is key to making progress. In layman’s terms, pumping iron creates tiny micro tears in your muscle fibers, which are then repaired by your body to build the muscle itself. The recovery process is just as essential as the workout itself. In fact, you technically can only build muscle AFTER your workout. That’s why you need to maximize your recovery with the right post-workout foods. Protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats all contribute positively to the recovery process. Here are a few foods and supplements to try out for your next post-workout recovery. For best results, consult with a physician or nutritionist prior to making any significant changes in your diet. Now that we got that out of the way, read on!

Drink Some Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk isn’t just a kid’s drink; it can be incredible for building muscle and recovering post-workout. Chocolate milk is useful as a post-workout recovery drink due to its high macronutrient profile and its carbohydrate to protein ratio. It doesn’t hurt that it’s delicious! Several studies demonstrated that it can help athletes perform better and build more muscle. Why it works that way is because of the high-quality proteins, carbs, and electrolytes present in the delicious drink. So if you’re looking for a way to increase muscle mass after a workout, feel better, and have a delicious drink, chug some chocolate milk and reap the muscle-building benefits today!

Eat Some Yogurt

Yogurt is another fantastic recovery food that tastes great and supplies ample protein. Greek yogurt in particular is ideal for getting a dose of proteins and probiotics simultaneously. Regular, plain yogurt is better than the kind with fruit at the bottom due to its lower sugar content. According to a 2019 study, snacking on some Greek yogurt after your strength/resistance training routine can improve strength and increase muscle thickness. Its extremely high quotient of protein gives it an edge distinct from milk as a recovery food. Yogurt is also suitable as a smoothie ingredient or it’ll go great with some granola as a pre-workout breakfast. 

Use Protein Powder

If you want to mix things up a bit, try adding some protein powder to your post-workout smoothie or just mixing it with some water. One of the key purposes of protein is to help you build muscle and it can help you feel full so you’re not tempted to graze, snack, or eat extra meals. Moreover, protein powders reduce muscle damage and improve muscle synthesis when it’s consumed after a workout. It works well as a supplement, too, especially if you aren’t getting enough protein from standard food sources throughout the day. The powder works well for a wide range of smoothie recipes but can taste great on its own. With chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, Smores, and even Fruity Pebbles available out there, there’s a flavor of protein powder for everyone. 

Have An Avocado And Some Eggs

Fruit like an avocado provides healthy fats and carbohydrates, both of which help to increase your energy after a tough workout. Combining healthy fats with protein like hard-boiled eggs can give you one heck of an energy boost. avocados in particular our fall of nutrients. Their dense nutritional content supplies plenty of good fats and they appear well with other protein sources such as eggs. If all else fails, you can always throw an avocado and smoothie. But if you’re less adventurous than that, pairing them with some hard-boiled/soft-boiled eggs might do the trick. eggs are an excellent source of protein that has been sort of the post-workout standard for years. Now, you don’t have to stick a raw egg in a blender and down it like Rocky Balboa used to do. You can cook them, scramble them, hard boil them, or poach them and pair them with other easily digestible foods (like our friend the avocado over there) to replenish the body’s glycogen levels and start repairing muscle fibers fast.

Snack On Some Fruit

Fruit is a naturally sweet, generally high fiber food that has all manner of positive health benefits. They’re also packed with vitamins and flavors. You’ll want to look for a fruit that’s loaded with vitamins (especially vitamin C) and minerals. It also helps that the carbohydrates in fruits come from natural sugars instead of syrup. These are necessary for helping your body increase its glycogen levels post-workout. For best results, try bananas, strawberries, oranges, pineapple, and kiwi. Or combine a few of them! Each of these is loaded with vitamins, potassium (bananas), manganese (pineapple), and can help you burn fat while recovering (strawberries). Be careful not to drink too much fruit juice, however, as it tends to be loaded with sugar but devoid of fiber. Fruit is often overlooked as a recovery food, but it’s best never to underestimate the power of mother nature to help gain muscle, recover, and create the ultimate physique when build muscle after your workout.

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