How to Get Skinny Legs for Women

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Editor’s Note: I nearly didn’t publish this guest post, due to the fact that I don’t believe any Project Swole readers want ‘skinny legs’. I am a firm believer in diet and heavy resistance training to lose fat and create hard, dense lower body muscle. But hey, if any of you female Swole readers want toothpick legs, here is some good advice.

Skinny Legs

As you go about your workout program, one goal that you might have set for yourself is to get skinny legs. For many people, especially women, losing weight in the thigh region does tend to be placed on high priority as this is that one place where females naturally tend to store higher amounts of body fat.

If you want to get skinny legs, there are a number of important things that you should be focused on doing with your workout routine. Implementing the correct strategies will ensure that you’re doing everything possible to reach your end goal.

Let’s look at the main points to consider to help you learn how to get skinny legs.

Avoid Resistance Based Cardio Exercise

The very first thing that you’ll want to make sure you’re doing in order to get skinny legs is avoiding any cardio exercise variations that are going to place a high level of resistance on the muscles. This would include activities such as biking at a high level or uphill walking.

Many people think that these will help them get skinny legs but the truth is that they’ll likely just cause them to add extra muscle mass to their legs, increasing their appearance.

Instead, you should focus on low resistance cardio activity such as running. Running is a great form of exercise for thinning the legs and will also help you burn more calories as well.

Running can be done anywhere and even if you’re new to fitness, you can start out by just running for a minute or two and then walking for three or four. Slowly work on adding more running intervals into the mix and pretty soon you’ll be able to go for 30 minutes straight.

Perform Lighter-Weight, Higher Rep Weight Lifting

The second thing that you should be doing to learn how to get skinny legs is performing some lighter weight, higher rep weight lifting. This form of weight lifting is going to be best for helping to thin down your thighs while still maintaining sufficient levels of muscle tone and development.

Those who go off lifting very heavy weights may start to notice larger muscles appearing, which obviously moves you away from your goal.

Instead, focus on the lighter weight lifting and you’ll slim without gaining size. Good exercises to perform include lunges, step-ups, bodyweight squats, and deadlifts. These will all firm the backside and thighs, giving you the look you desire.

Avoid Inner And Outer Thigh Machines

Finally, one last important note that you must keep in mind if you want to learn how to get skinny legs is that you should be avoiding the inner and outer thigh machines. Many women will start doing these thinking that they’ll help to tone the legs and reduce the size of their thighs, but don’t be misled.

These machines can actually cause you to gain thickness in the upper thigh, which is again what you want to be avoiding.
If you’re doing lunges and squats you’ll already be hitting the right areas that you need to be so there’s no real need to perform these as well.

So there you have the main points that you need to know about how to get skinny legs. If you can be sure to structure your workout properly, this goal can definitely be yours.

Author Note:

The article is contributed by Aishwarya Vohra, Fitness is a way of life for her and she enjoys eating healthy and staying in shape. The company she works for offers quality virtual assistant services and has many VA for real estate.

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