Gym Lingo Every Beginner Should Know

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If you are new to the gym, there is no doubt that is can be a really intimidating place. In addition to the machines and overall sweating, there is a “gym language” that you might want to have a fairly good understanding of. Let’s take a look at some common phrases that you might encounter at the gym or even more accurately, might describe some people you run into as you work out.

Power couple

power couple

This couple has been never at the gym without each other. Their routine is the same, from warmups to exercise selection, cooldowns, and stretching. They will usually never leave each other’s side at the gym, doing synchronized movements and then leaving together later when they’ve finished, without speaking to a single soul.

Gym rat

This is a popular phrase when it comes to gym slang and you’ve probably heard it yourself. A gym rat is a person who never seems to leave the gym, you will see them any time of day. They walk around like they own the place and they’ve probably got very little else going on in their life. 

Bodybuilder dips


This guy has biceps bigger than your head and he makes sure everybody knows when he walks in. The only machines the bodybuilder uses are the weight machines and he probably lifts while checking himself out in the mirror. 


There is no doubt that CrossFit is taking the world by storm and this also translates to daily life at the gym. Crossfitters are very motivated individuals and it’s honestly quite inspiring what they are capable of. They usually are found doing hundreds of reps on all those intense machines, but no workout is off limits to them. They workout hard and this includes lifting weights, cardio and doing burpees and other body-weight exercises. 


Quite similar to the bodybuilder, but even more annoying because they often come into your space and offer to help show you how it is done. These powerlifters are super precise with their reps and this usually includes squats, deadlifts and bench press – but little else!

Mr. Varsity

You know that annoying jock in college who thinks he is God’s gift to everyone? This is the gym version, so we’re taking it up a notch. He boasts, he’s cocky and he also spends more time looking in the mirror/chatting up women than actually getting a decent workout done.

Spin head

They love using exercise bikes and every other little machine that gets their attention. They are usually wearing full spandex too, which makes it even more entertaining. 


These individuals love yoga and they make sure that everyone else gets a sneak peek of their back-breaking moves. You’ll find these men and women at the mats!

Weekend warrior

You’ll catch them at the gym all week long doing basic workouts, but when the weekend arrives, nothing is holding them back. In addition to doing the most intense exercise regimes, you’ll also catch them talking about 10ks, bike trails, and all that fun stuff.

Now that you know some popular gym lingo, it’s time to get your workout on. Despite the stereotypes, remember that everyone is at the gym for their own personal reasons. Follow a strict exercise plan, don’t pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing and just have fun.

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