5 Workout and Fitness Mistakes to Avoid

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 5 fitness mistakes to avoid

Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player to ever walk the planet, missed potential game-winning shots over 20 times in his career. Even the best have mistakes, no matter how many hours of practice and dedication they put into perfecting their craft. There are gym etiquette and lifestyle fitness mistakes to avoid, here is a small list.

The same goes for the gym. Even though you may have been working out since the time the dinosaurs roamed the planet, we can all have those potential lapses of memory and judgment where we forget to do something so basic.

Don’t worry, we’re all human and these mistakes happen from time to time. That’s why it’s always good to have a small reminder even when it comes to a dedicated hobby.

1. Leaving Your Weights Around

When it comes to the title of “most annoying person at the gym”, the person who leaves their dumbbells on the floor is definitely going for first place. 

Even though the majority of gyms have signs posted all around about re-racking your weights, it still seems to slip people’s minds. Sometimes you’re just so in the zone that you completely forget to carry the weights back to the rack.

Always make sure it’s part of your last rep. The easiest part is to immediately take them and place them back down. That way you can move onto the next item on your agenda while getting out of everyone’s way.

2. Not Cleaning The Equipment

Depending on your gym, they may or not have spray bottles lying around. It doesn’t take much to simply grab one and give a quick spray and wipe with the accompanying towel.

If there are no spray bottles insight, it’s best to grab your towel and drape it over whatever you’re using. It’s an easy way to keep your sweaty shirt and body from rubbing off onto the seat or bench.

Think about if someone did that to you? How would it feel to be swimming around in the perspiration while you’re trying to set your PR on the bench?

3. Not Following a Workout Plan

How do you expect to improve if you’re just winging it every time you hit the gym? This goes for both the types of exercises you do and how much weight you’re putting on. Doing the triceps pulldown at 80 pounds every week isn’t going to help your muscles. 

Take the time to research some workout plans ahead of time and find one that goes with your goals. If you want to have stronger legs, then choose one that will help. Looking for ab workouts? Find one that you like and you know you’ll follow.

If you want to see any real improvement, make sure you’re sticking to a plan.

4. Ignoring Your Diet

Depending on which trainer or nutritionist you ask, you might here the formula as anywhere from 80-20, to 85-15, to 90-10. This refers to the percentage of importance between the kitchen and the gym.

If you’re looking to get washboard abs, the overwhelming percentage of that in the kitchen while the smaller portion is the gym.

Your meal plan should be just as important as your workout plan. Eating healthy recipes after your workout is key. They should be filled with protein or vegetables in order to give your body the nutrients it needs in order to stay fit and achieve your goals.

Many people may think since they’re working out, they can “eat whatever”. An Oreo cookie contains about 50 calories and eating a handful of those can take you one minute. To burn off all those calories, it may take 30 minutes of working out. Congratulations, you’re back at zero.

5. Overdoing It

We’ve all had those moments where our workouts just feel good. You’re in the zone, your music is pumping, and you feel like you could lift 1000 pounds if asked to do so.

It’s important to remember that you’re not Marvel’s Hulk and your body needs rest. Not just in between sets, but in between workouts as well. Make sure you’re taking off days here and there. Even the most high-profile athletes in the world take off days. Heck, some of them take off months. 

Remember that the best way for your body to build up muscle is through rest and proper sleep. Don’t try to be the outlier to that rule.

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