What Accessories Do I Need to Make a Decent Home Gym?

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home gym accessories

Waiting until there is a free dumbbell or joining the queue to use the treadmill can be very frustrating. Aside from the sweaty atmosphere and testosterone-filled space, you have to deal with monthly subscriptions. I guess you are tired of it all and want to have your decent home gym. Good for you. Don’t raise your hopes just yet. Home gyms are not for everyone.

If perhaps, you draw motivation from the crowd, then a home gym might not be the best for you. Otherwise, a home gym is the perfect way to get in shape and stay in shape without the hustle and bustle of a commercial gym. You get to exercise whenever you want and in your own way. 

Here is a shortlist of what we consider to be the most important equipment to build a decent home gym. Most equipment, when possible, should be adjustable so you can get the most flexibility out of each piece.

Essential Tools Required in A Home Gym

Having a busy schedule can be a significant obstacle to your goal of keeping fit and maintaining fitness. This can only be remedied by creating your own home gym. Although first-time gym owners are often confused about what to buy due to lots of options like treadmill and bench, dumbbells and so on, the answers are not far-fetched.

There’s no need to build a full-sized Olympic home gym, but some equipment is vital to constructing a proper workout. Before you go for buying any equipment for your home gym, read through the point below to avoid gathering stuff that you won’t use. Below are some of the oldest and the best tools for a home gym that one must have in his house gym space.  

home gym equipment

Barbell set

home gym barbell set

Building body mass and strength will probably be number one on your list of what you want to achieve in your gym. While combining full bodyweight and dumbbell exercises will take you very far, pretty fast, you will need to lift heavy. Barbell sets are the way to go. Due to their bulky nature, a power rack will take up lots of space. Notwithstanding, they will be a perfect companion on your way to getting fit and staying in shape. 

The safety that barbells offer while lifting heavy is the reason it the number one favorite for home gyms all around the globe. For better results, a high/low pulley attached to your power rack will afford you the same opportunities as commercial gyms. Olympic plates are another excellent addition to your power rack; however, you must ensure to use the ones made with cast iron or the rubber-coated ones. Just stick to what works for you.

Adjustable Bench

home gym adjustable bench

Your gym is not complete without a bench. And, most notably, your barbell sets will work better with a bench. Take note, however, not to buy a low-quality bench that will buckle under your weight with use. Benches with incline and decline functionality are the best option out there if you’re looking to get the most out of your gym. This will come in handy if you’re looking to switch up your routine with various versions of the best exercises, angles, and goals. 

Adjustable Dumbbells

adjustable dumbbells

Your bench and dumbbells are a perfect bodybuilding combo for your fitness goals. Offering versatility, convenience, and reliability. Don’t worry if your home gym is just a small space in your closet. Dumbbells will not clutter your gym if you know what you’re doing. Especially with the adjustable type that is a favorite for all private gym owners. Save for the cost; adjustable dumbbells are highly recommended. However, if you have some cash to spare, then go for them. 

Workout with Gym Mirror vs Workout without Gym Mirror

home gym mirrors

Nothing is written in stone when it comes to home gyms. While having a mirror in your home gym has been a subject of heated debate for ages, you can’t dispute the fact that mirrors add a certain ambiance and finish to your gym. 

Some argue that mirrors distract you from putting in the necessary work to reach your bodybuilding goals because you become focused on training only your chest, abs, and biceps, otherwise known as mirror muscles. Aside from that, full-length gym mirrors help you monitor your progress and make adjustments where necessary. 

Professional gym owners agree that the fitness mirror of 48 x 72 inches offers the best for any gym. However, if you have little space, then the 36 x 60 inches mirror would be perfect for you. So, working out without a GYM MIRROR is a no for me, and I share the same sentiment with other professional bodybuilders. 

Other Considerations for a Home Gym


home gym flooring

Getting all the gym equipment and lining your wall with a floor-to-ceiling mirror is not all that makes you say that you are owing to the home gym. Flooring is another important aspect of your gym setup you can’t afford to get wrong. Although your gym equipment cannot last forever, getting the right flooring in place will help prolong the service life of your equipment. With proper flooring serving as sound insulation to reduce noise. It would be great for a commercial-grade foam type of flooring that is affordable and durable.

For gyms susceptible to sweat, another smart option is using carpet tiles which are resilient and easy to replace.


While the size of your gym will determine the equipment you will buy, spacing is as important as any of your gym equipment. Free weights require a spacing of 25 to 50 square feet and not less than 30 feet for treadmills to use appropriately. While you should stick with what works for you, bodybuilding professionals agree that the right spacing builds up confidence in them to reach their bodybuilding goals.

Final Thoughts 

Creating a home gym isn’t really a daunting task. But you need to put some thoughts and create a list of equipment which is worthy enough to spend money on.  Before buying stuff, proper budgeting and listing of required tools that you certainly need, can be conveniently and add huge value in your space. 

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