Gyroscopic Fitness Machines?

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I received a press release the other day and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

Gyro Core Trainer
Gyroscopic Core Trainer?

A company called DynaFlex International has apparently used gyroscopes to create some grip training devices and now I guess they have a core training device.

After browsing to the company website and reading up on some of their products, I’m still not sure what to make of it. It appears to be a grip trainer of some sort, although now they have a core trainer too. Interesting.

Have any Project Swole readers tried this thing? If so, please leave a comment.

I don’t quite get it. If anyone from DynaFlex is reading this, send me a free sample so I can figure out exactly what the heck you are selling. I will review the product in a separate post if you do.

Anyway, let the press release begin:

New Core Training Exercise Device with a Gyroscopic Twist!

Anaheim, CA – DynaFlex International, makers of the patented fitness gyroscopes, has announced a new hand-held device it claims will shake the fitness industry to its core. Called the DynaMax Core Trainer, this futuristic looking machine is designed to deliver a powerful upper body and core training workout in only 5 minutes a day.

Dana Cynaumon, company spokesman, says:

“Just pull the easy starter cord to activate the DynaMax, and hold on for the gyroscopic ride of your life. The reactions we hear from people using DynaMax for the first time range from ‘WOW, AMAZING and AWESOME…’ to a few words we can’t print here.

Form the instant DynaMax is activated, you can feel the dynamic resistance building from the product’s internal gyroscope. According, people are ‘blown away’ that a machine weighing only 3 pounds can generate up to 8,000 RPMs, while producing up to 200 pounds of resistance.”

The DynaMax features variable body sculpting resistance so people can workout at their own pace.

“The faster you get the internal gyroscope spinning… the more resistance you experience. We are finding that people are skipping their usual trip to the fitness center in favor of staying home to use the DynaMax.”

And as if getting a great upper body workout isn’t enough, the DynaMax also lights up.

“The faster the DynaMax Gyro spins, the more spectacular the LED light show. It is visually motivating and stimulating, because not only do people feel themselves getting stronger and healthier-they can see their progress as well.”

The DynaMax was designed to replace many free weight exercises, while providing a powerful upper body and core workout.

For more information about this noteworthy new addition to the core training market:

Contact: Dana Cynaumon
Phone: 714.757.6557
Email: [email protected]
Website: Dynaflex International

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11 Responses to “Gyroscopic Fitness Machines?”

  1. Yeah, I guess I’m failing to see how a gyroscope and LEDs are supposed to help you out. This seems like the ab lounge…

  2. You can’t catch flack with a flackproof list like that! What you will catch is respect and real results from sticking to legitimate exercises.

  3. 1. Anything pressed, pulled, or crunched while standing or sitting on anything squishy or ‘unstable’. There is no rational explanation other than ‘this is how my trainer told me to do it’.
    2. Abdominal twists with a broomstick.
    3. Forearm curls.
    4. Seated incline dumbbell curl 21s.
    5. Leg extensions.

    I might catch flack for forearm curls.

    My response is “just deadlift, pull up, chin up, row, hammer curl, and you won’t need forearm or wrist curls of any sort”.

    I might catch flack for leg extensions.

    My response is “just squat and lunge in a variety of angles and you won’t need to destroy your knees with leg extensions.”


  4. Nice idea! I like your list Josh T. My list would have to be:

    1. Anything on the Smith Machine
    2. Walking backwards on a inclined treadmil
    3. Seated oblique twister ab machine
    4. Anything Hammer Strength
    5. Inner/Outter thigh machine

    I may catch some heat for this, I have to give honorable mention to anything pressed or pulled while sitting on a ball. I’m still waiting for an explaination other than “this is how my trainer told me to do it”.

  5. i was going to try not to say anything here, but you need to make a post of the Top 5 Best Spinning Your Wheels Exercises!!!

    HAHAHA i can only imagine what will be on the list.

    1. Decline Bench Press
    2. Dumbbell Curl
    3. The Cable Tower
    4. Behind the Neck Lat Pulldowns
    5. Shrugs while rolling shoulders from front to back

    • I have seen the shoulder roll shrug far too many times for it to be funny to me anymore. Great idea for a list.

  6. FINALLY! This is just what I’ve been looking for to replace my snatches, bent over rows, and lunges. That stuff is way too hard and I don’t wanna’ get too big or anything like that.

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