Protein Bars and Weight Loss Programs Should Go Hand-in-Hand

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protein bars and weight loss

A proper weight loss or weight gain lifestyle should incorporate real food and an extensive exercise regimen. However, incorporating protein supplements, such as protein bars, into your diet will give you additional benefits aside from just losing fat. Protein bars help reduce your hunger craving, help build muscle mass, and improve your metabolism.

There are several great protein supplements out there in the market today. All of these protein supplements claim to have beneficial effects in building muscle. There is also a lot of information out there that discusses how protein supplements such as protein bars can be used for bulking up. However, there is limited information that shows how protein bars can be used for weight loss or fat loss. 

Below are some of the reasons why you should incorporate protein bars into your weight loss program. 

Prevents Muscle Loss

Your body utilizes blood glucose and sugars stored in muscle for energy during workout sessions. On a fat loss diet, you typically will have less free and stored glycogen in your body. When you don’t intake adequate amounts of protein, the body will begin to make use of the existing protein in the muscles, and therefore your body may suffer from muscle loss. Incorporating protein bars into your diet before and after a workout will give your body increased levels of protein so that your body does not have to break down your existing muscle for energy. 

Easy Access Meal

Sometimes there is not enough time in a day for you to prepare a meal. A well-balanced meal is a must for a good weight loss program; however, if necessary, you can still get several benefits of a high protein diet by eating a protein bar or two throughout the day. Protein bars have been shown to reduce the amounts of Ghrelin, the hunger hormone so that you will not crave food. When you reduce the quantities of Ghrelin in your body, you will feel less hungry during the day, and this is one way to make your weight loss plan more effective. 

Need Only a Small Amount

Remember that protein bars also contain calories. So eating a lot of protein bars may cause you to gain weight rather than lose weight. Studies have shown that regardless of the amount of protein bar intake ranging from 20g to 80g, all resulted in a decreased hunger by about 50 to 65 percent. It is, therefore, best to keep your protein bar intake to about 20 g per day so that you can significantly reduce your appetite while not loading up on calories.

Gain Fat-Free Mass

Studies have shown that incorporating protein bars in the diet will result in gaining fat-free mass. When you are increasing your muscle mass, you are also increasing your metabolism rate, making it easier to keep the weight off after losing it. Higher protein intake is associated with better weight management after a weight loss program. 

Muscle “Toning”

Even if you are struggling to gain muscle during your weight loss program, you are at least preserving your existing muscles when you are able to keep your protein intake high. Also, if you do not go to the gym, eating protein bars will help maintain your current muscle while simultaneously burning fat when you’re on a diet. Using protein bars and protein shakes will help you at least keep a toned appearance. 


Protein shakes and protein bars are not just for increasing muscles but can be used effectively in losing weight as well. I’ve tried some great bars for pre and post-workout at and I love to add Muscle Milk powder to my coffee. Making smart choices like this when living a fat-loss based lifestyle, will help you execute your goals effectively.

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