Sandbag Training Video

I recently discovered sandbag training. Similar to kettlebell training, Cross Fit training, and P90X training; this is a revolutionary form of training that should really be considered for functional workouts.

Now, you might laugh at me for calling any of those training methodologies ‘revolutionary’, but they are all training styles that fall outside of strict free weight training, cardio training, powerlifting, or any such well-defined training methodology fad. Of course, all of these idea have led to eye-opening, insightful ideas about training and conditioning.

So, let me introduce sandbag training. Allow me to entice you with this one video, and later I will write more about this methodology with some links to get sandbag training equipment. Anyway, check this out:

Sandbag Training Part 1

Sandbag Training Part 2

Sandbag Training Part 3

Sandbag Training Part 4

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