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Training for the Week of 9/22 – 9/28

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Sticking to the program you design is key to feeling great about yourself, and to experiencing increased success. This is week number 2 of completing 5 workouts; 3 kickboxing and 2 weight lifting.


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Training for the Week of 9/15 – 9/21

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Finally! I pulled off 5 workouts in 5 days. In order to do it I had to train twice on Friday, but I still made it! 3 kickboxing sessions and 2 weight training sessions were completed without a hitch.

If you have a heavy bag at home, try this kickboxing workout:

One rep: Jab, Cross, Hook, 2 quick low kicks (thai kicks), and 3 burpee/push-up combos.

See how many reps you can do in a 4 minute round. Take a minute to rest and drink water. Repeat for 5 rounds. After 25 minutes of this, you will be sweating like a little piggy. Read on to learn about my workouts for the week.


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Training for the Week of 9/08 – 9/14

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

This was a good week. I made it to 3 kickboxing workouts and signed up for a membership at the corporate gym where I work. What I consider to by my official comeback workout took place on Thursday and it went a little something like this…


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Training for the Month of August

Friday, September 19th, 2008

I spent the month of August recovering from near death at the hands of pulmonary embolii. Towards the end of August I started kickboxing again and let me tell you, I haven’t felt this healthy since the year 2006.

My cardio is improving drastically and soon I will surpass the fitness levels of everyone in my kickboxing class… no offense to anyone in the class who might be reading this, but I will torch you.

I have nothing else to report for the month of August.

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Training for the Week of 7/28 – 8/03

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Angry Skull and CrossbonesAll I managed was one very painful kickboxing workout this week. During that workout I basically couldn’t punch, kick, run, participate in calisthenics, or breathe. I knew something was wrong since two Fridays ago, but I couldn’t go to the hospital or to the doctor until my new insurance policy kicked in on August 4th.

So on the 4th I went to see my primary care physician for a routine physical and to diagnose my breathing issues. Given my history of clotting, he set me up with a CT Scan and some blood tests. After fighting with my health insurance for an hour or more, I finally was cleared to take the tests. Finally on the 5th (today) I made it in for my tests.

The Verdict: Blood Clots


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Training for the Week of 7/21 – 7/27

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Three solid days of kickboxing this week, but Friday was absolutely horrible. I was feeling tired around 4pm so I decided to take a couple fat burner/energy pills. Not good.


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Training for the Week of 7/14 – 7/20

Thursday, July 24th, 2008
Back Squat
Back Squat

This was the first week at my new job, getting used to my new schedule, so I stuck mostly with kickboxing this week. There really wasn’t much time for anything else, although I did check out the gym on campus but they don’t have what I need. There’s no squat rack, power rack, or a place to deadlift. The guy I talked to also said that if I tried to deadlift there, I would set off the broken glass alarms or something. I’ll stay at Gold’s with the meatheads for now.

Monday was a dojo kickboxing day. Wednesday was an at-home kickboxing day. Friday was a day that not much happened at all. A little bike riding occurred over the weekend. Not much else happened.

The New Workout


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Training for the Week of 7/07 – 7/13

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

The first half of the week was spent on vacation in the White Mountains. Specifically at Dolly Copp Campground near Gorham, NH. While camping I got in several sets of push-ups, an hour or so of swimming, hours of running and kicking balls with the kids, and one 20 minute jog through the campground. Obviously there was no kickboxing or weight lifting to be had at the campground.


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Training for the Week of 6/30 – 7/06

Friday, July 11th, 2008

During the week I managed to get in 2 kickboxing classes and then the dojo was closed on July 4th. On my own I hit up some kickboxing on the heavy bag for about 2 hours and some bike riding for about 2 hours. Nothing serious went on this week.


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Training for the Week of 6/23 – 6/29

Monday, June 30th, 2008

This week was a very healthy week for kickboxing and for eating. I am really starting to fall into the zone, eating healthy protein rich foods, and avoid untimely carbs and unnecessary high-fat snacks at night.


I am frequently eating eggs, cheese, protein bars, tuna, and chicken. Occasionally I have a McSkillet Burrito for breakfast, ramen noodles for lunch, and a couple cheese balls for a snack. For the most part I believe I am eating well. If I had more money, I would definitely buy more chicken and other healthier food to eat during the day, but for now I have to suffice with a can of tuna and a bowl of ramen during the week when I’m in the office.


Thai Kickboxing: 3 days, 1 hour per session.
Mountain Biking: about 3 total hours spread throughout the week.
Weightlifting: 2 sessions with the Powerblocks for a total of about 45 minutes.

Next Weeks Goals

Maintain kickboxing sessions, although there will be no kickboxing on the 4th of July. Add in two legit weightlifting workouts. I want to actually go to the gym and do some full body training. They will be light workouts so I can get back into the swing of lifting.

I plan to maintain the same general dietary strategy, which is to say “no” to 90% of the unhealthy food I encounter. Ramen will still be consumed, as will McSkillet Burritos for breakfast. When I decide to go hardcore, these two foods will be phased out.

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