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Would you be interested to know that Project Swole will soon be undergoing a redesign? I’ve already expanded the layout to 1000 pixels where it was once only 800 pixels, but a whole new graphical layout is coming out shortly, and I’m thinking of installing the Social Networking plugin Mingle to let Project Swole readers connect with each other more easily. Project Swole 3.0 should be good.

Articles and Posts

I’ve received a ton of requests for new articles on Project Swole. Let me tell you what’s on my To Write List and you can add to it as you see fit by leaving me some comments.

The To-Write-List in no particular order:

  1. Updates to the HIRT Post
  2. The 5 Best Lower Back Exercises
  3. The 5 Best Calf Exercises
  4. The 5 Best Neck Exercises (yes, someone really requested this)
  5. The 5 Best Traps Exercises
  6. The Best Stretching Routine
  7. The Best Warm Up Routine
  8. The Best Active Recovery Routine
  9. A Generic Full Body Workout Routine part 2
  10. Project Swole 5×5 Weightlifting
  11. Project Shred – A Diet Plan to Get Shredded
  12. How Many Calories Should I Eat in a Day?

What else do you want to see?

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32 Responses to “What do you want to see on Project Swole?”

  1. Hey Steve,
    By the way, I stumbled across this website by sheer accident and quite frankly I think it is awesome. I fight (Muay Thai) and I am wondering whether you can tackle some of the issues that I face with training. I have a constant battle getting down to weight easily and in a healthy manner. I also face an issue that I can’t really do serious weights, and thus build up strength, because I don’t want to put on too much lean body mass (and thus make it harder for me to lose the weight come fight time). I train twice a day, six times a week, do you have any suggestions on how I can use some of this time better build strength, but reduce my bodyweight?

  2. I like all your top 5 exercises. I’d like to see a top 5 forearm exercises if you’d be able to put that into the exercises. Other than that, great website.

  3. id like to see something for the ladies in regards to a workout plan. we all know that guys want to get huge so you posted the werewolf training which is awesome btw and i am on week 5, but I would like to get my g/f started on something, not so she can be one of those flat/man chested weirdo looking body builder chicks but just a typical 3-4 day a week workout routine and diet plan for the ladies that may be 30 or so lbs overweight. Thanks!

    • Awesome feedback Sean! Of course the ladies can always use any Project Swole workout routine, even Werewolf Training. However, I get what you are saying – everyone is paranoid about women gaining ‘too much muscle’ on weightlifting routines. In that case maybe I’ll try to design a Slim for Summer program to go along with the Swole for Summer program, and Project Shred would be the optional hardcore diet plan. However, I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to finish Project Shred. I’d like to get both exercise programs going by February 1st, while Project Shred will unfortunately take more time.

  4. what do you think about static lifts or power factor training.
    i’ve been looking for something different to help me get some mass as quickly as possible and was wondering how you felt about those 2 types of training.

    • Ron: Portions of power factor training may have relevance to bodybuilding routines, but as a general exercise principle, it does not work. The people who designed power factor training oversimplified the bio-mechanics of training, by turning real muscle physiology into a bunch of non-relevant equations. They over-estimate the effectiveness of partial reps and isolation exercises, at the expense of full range of motion and compound exercises. Portions of these principles may have a place in training, but not for the most part.

    • David: I think I’ve mentioned plyos before, but clearly I need to write about it more if you’ve never seen a Project Swole article about it. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Well, you have got some great posts. There are posts on supplements, fat loss, exercises, and a lay out for a bulking phase. Now it would only make sense to make a post on a cutting phase. Summer will be coming up soon enough and for the first time I will be doing a cutting phase, after my last year of bulking haha. So much for a “phase”, huh? Therefore, I do not have much knowledge on the topic, or else I would volunteer to do it myself.

    Btw, the supplement reviews are in progress.

    • Great feedback Ian. I had a whole ning.com community called Project Shred that I wanted to get off the ground last year, but it never happened. I still have all the resources so I’d like to try to get it up again this year, but we’ll see. I don’t have too much free time at all. Thanks.

  6. i am always a fan of the Best 5 or Top 5 routines. i love readin those!
    i have been reading all your posts, but i never can think of anything to say, even though i used to post on everything. lol

    keep up the good work Steve!

  7. I would be honored to. I can not guarantee it will be some great, elaborate post like yours, but I will try and put something together sometime this week and email it to ya. But once again my experience is not too long, but I have gained some great results. Also, my knowledge is not too grand, so any additions or elaborations will be appreciated.

    • Ian: That sounds great. We are interested in what you took, how/when/why you took it, what it was supposed to do, what it actually did, and how did you eat and train when using it. All these things will be helpful for everyone to evaluate supplements for future use. Also, let me know if you have a website or web page you would like to promote, even if it’s just a Facebook profile.

  8. Hmmm… Supplements that need to be reviewed…
    Well, it would be selfish of me to only list mass and muscle gainers, but that is all that comes to mind for supplements that I use. They have all this fancy stuff other than creatine out there, but there are so many that talk a great game and can’t back it up. I am not fully educated enough on the different chemicals of sorts to be able to tell which ones will work, also I work out at a fairly small gym, so my network is limited to the uncertainty of the internet. In conclusion, which supplements work the best to gain lean mass, what gives you the biggest bang for your buck, and which products are bogus and pointless? I will list out all my experiences for others’ benefit on another feedback post.

    • Ian: If you want to write up your experience with a bunch of different supplements, I would be willing to publish your piece as a mega product review guest post. Let me know if you are interested.

  9. As an a very tall person (6’9″) I and others like me face special special challenges in the gym. Weightlifting for tall people would be a great posting for me.

  10. Well besides getting lean and pump weight up, I’d suggest some posts about common injuries (e.g. knee joint, back pain) and exercise that help recovering the range of motion and flexibility of strained area will be great for discussion.

    Also prevention of injuries or potential hazards of some moves/ exercise will be recommended, as most of us usually stretch to the max when we work out just for the max gain.


    • More great feedback, thanks Haley! I once wrote about knee injuries, but there is so much in the injury and prevention field that I have never touched upon. I’ll have to dig into that a little bit more.

  11. I personally love the body type specific workout plans. This last post of the Werewolf Training: A Weightlifting Routine to Gain Muscle is absolutely wonderful. I always study your ectomorph conducive posts. Further detail on different workouts for different goals would be great. I read all your posts, minus one that have to do with weight loss (not necessary for me). Keep up the good work. Thanks Steve.

  12. I’d like to read something about how to get really fit to play a sport. So, how to get your heart in shape, agility and quickness, functional strength etc.

    • Thanks for your feedback Benji. I am not a sport specific coach, but I can try to give some recommendations for overall sports fitness.

  13. hey steve, here are a few ideas, related with questions i ve been asking you lately…
    -A review or opinion on p90x program
    -A report on cramps
    -A post about the most common gym myths
    -A post about the common mistakes people make at gym or when working out

    • Great ideas Fran, thanks! Someone else also requested these:

      What is overtraining?
      How to avoid and recover from overtraining.

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