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Wanted: guest bloggers, guest posters, guest authors!

Attention everyone! I am looking for guest bloggers you can write intelligent content to post on Project Swole!

Promote yourself and your website to 10,000 unique readers a day, network with other bloggers within the industry, collect potent backlinks to your own online content for SEO benefits.

Guest Post
Write a Guest Post!

Who Should Submit Content?

Anyone really, but I would especially like to hear from people with experience in the industry:

  • experienced coaches
  • those who specialize in any sport, equipment, or technique
  • doctors
  • nutritionists
  • book authors
  • dietary supplement innovators
  • personal trainers who have a clue

I would also like to hear from anyone who owns a sports, health, or fitness blog. If you can contribute something, anything, useful to Project Swole readers, I want to hear from you! Got it?

What Topics Should You Write About?

Health, fitness, and nutrition of course. Specifically, I am looking for experts in strength training who can post about topics that are not normally covered at Project Swole. Your content must be at least semi-interesting and must provide value.

Some examples might include, but are not limited to:

  • kettlebell training tips
  • coaching techniques for sport-specific performance
  • powerlifting strategies
  • strongman training routines
  • debunking myths
  • cutting edge theories
  • current events in health, fitness, or nutrition
  • research summaries, breakdowns, facts, and opinions
  • top 5/10/20 lists that actually provide value
  • training routine reviews
  • training supplement reviews
  • training equipment reviews
  • and so much more, the options are limitless

What Topics Shouldn’t You Write About?

Please do not rehash fat loss tips or anything else that is already played out. No one needs to read another top 5 list of ways you can lose weight by changing your eating habits.

Copied, plagiarized, or duplicate content will not be accepted. Furthermore, if you try to pass someones content off as your own work, you will be forever banned from guest posting on Project Swole.

How Often Should You Submit Content?

You may submit content as often as you’d like. Once ever, or several times a week, are both fine with me.

I will review and approve your submissions based on the criteria listed above.

How Should You Submit Content?

By default I will set you up with an author profile on Project Swole, where you can submit drafts for review. You can also send content through e-mail. Simply get in touch with Project Swole using the contact form and I will get back to you with more details.

What’s in it For You?

Promotion and exposure. Social networking.

To date, Project Swole gets between 8,000 and 10,000 unique visitors each day. Now, that’s not really significant given the size of sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter; but if you are looking to increase your exposure in the blogging world, advertise your product for free, gain valuable backlinks for SEO purposes, or just network within the industry, then guest blogging is for you.

Within your submitted content you will be allowed to include a couple links back to resources on your own website or authority websites, and you will have an author bio that should link back to your homepage, Facebook page, Twitter account, or a perhaps the URL of a product you are specifically promoting.

Don’t wait! Go ahead and contact me today about setting up your account. Let’s make Project Swole a legitimate fitness networking portal!

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10 Responses to “Guest Bloggers Wanted!”

  1. this is a great blog i am actually speanish speaker but i own site where i creating articles but i am fairly new on this field so this is a great way to learn from other thank so much for sharing

  2. Dear,

    Greetings from addiction aide! we are here to support and help people on their recovery journeys.

    We are happy to contact you in regard to the guest blogging on our website and also we request an opportunity to guest blog on your website too.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks and regards,
    Selena Valentine

    • Sure thing! It would be excellent if you would like to author a post about the ways health and fitness can assist in the addiction recovery process. I will be in touch via email. 🙂

  3. Hi Steve,

    I thought id try and contact you here as I have reason to believe the email I filled out did not get sent to you via your contact form. Basically I’ve seen you are interested in guest posts or articles on your site. I browse your site frequently so it would be great to get one of my own articles published on your site! If you could get back to me via email about setting me up with an author profile on project swole that would be great!

    Great work on the site by the way!

    Best Regards,

  4. Steve, if I can find some time I’ll try to put something together for you this weekend.

    One thing to watch for is duplicate content… I found that many people who submitted guest posts for us either didn’t have a clue what it was, or pretended not to. I’m certain that many fitness bloggers genuinely don’t really know the problem with this, but some obviously play dumb.

    You don’t know how many times people asked to publish some great post that they published on their own blog in 2009. Lots of people wanting to join our network also thought we’d just republish their RSS feed as posts on our blog.

    You should hit me up because I can make this process much easier for you from my own experiences. You’ll be surprised at how time consuming it ends up being receiving MS Word files, cleaning up the .html, editing them, etc–I can tell you how to make this work smoother.

    • Hi. I have a blog in Spanish, about Old Fashion Training. is called “Forzudos eran los de antes” is about short bio of old time strongmans and strength routines (most of it abbreviated and basics). If you like i can translate or make same new post.
      Regards from Argentina.

  5. High Steve, spoke to you way back about being a moderator on the forum and would also like you to help me out with the above. Contact form not working for me so could you drop me a email to discuss further?

    Kind regards, Chris

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