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Make no mistakes, Project Swole gets traffic. We are currently getting between 10,000 and 13,000 unique visitors per day. This is good. However, this is expensive. In an attempt to recuperate some of those costs, I now host a t-shirt website.

The website is called Comical Tees. I’ve just started to build a sample of fitness tees. Here is a preview. Many more are to come. Please go Like Comical Tees on Facebook, so you can receive all of the updates.

Workin on My Fitness Shirt Robin is Strong? I Play Real Sports Shirt

Other tee shirts on the site include topics like:

So basically I am wondering what kinds of tee shirts you would buy online, if any. Here’s the poll:
[poll id=”34″]

Don’t worry though, this isn’t all we’re working on. Project Swole has many, many ideas, and we are working on building them out right now. The Project Shred 21 day detox diet is still in limbo. PDFs will be delivered shortly for all workout routines. The Werewolf Strength routine will be updated to version 2.0 shortly, and several other routines will be introduced. Guest posts and product reviews are coming. It is time to bring every Swole possibility to light, after many years of broken promises (I’ve been talking about the Project Shred diet for like 3 years, but it’s right here on my harddrive).

Any requests, please let me know. Project Swole t-shirts are coming soon, whether you want them or not, we just have to approve the right design. So stay tuned, because there is much more Swole to come in 2012.

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3 Responses to “Fitness T-Shirts Online”

  1. I've enjoyed Project Swole for over a year now and would love to support. When I go to and 'order' something it brings me to a different site for example Deezteez. So my question is if I order through these channels are you getting a cut and how does it know I came through your site?

    • I get between $3 and $5 a sale, depending on the company and the shirt. The URL passes a tracking ID so they know where you came from. I really want to pimp some Project Swole designs. Just gotta find someone willing to making some t-shirt graphics for cheap or free. Maybe I can get someone to sponsor an art contest. Anyway, thanks for the support!

      • Cool just wanted to make sure. Glad to support your site.

        That’s an Awesome idea. I think even something as simple as a plan T with Project across the shoulders would be tight. I’d recommend making the .com part significantly smaller but that’s just me. Very cool man thanks.

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