Inside 2023’s Essential Fitness Style Trends

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examples of fitness style trends 2023

Whether it’s a case of ‘new year, new you’, or the ramping up of your ambitions to take on a new sport or get in shape for the summer, leisure has become one of the top unofficial fitness style trends of 2023. The world of activewear is already delivering the styles that are set to make us fall in love with fitness this year. 

Whether you’re a gym goer, jogger, or sports person, the year is shaping up to be a great time for activewear design, and the freshest fitness style trends appear set to celebrate everything about getting out of the house and working on a little self-improvement. These fresh new duds will help you dig into each of the top fitness trends of 2023 with style and flair.

To herald a new year for exercise, we’re seeing bold colors, daring patterns, and plenty of vibrancy in the ranges that are set to dominate 2023. Which fitness style trends should budding fitness fanatics keep on the lookout for?

Top 4 Fitness Style Trends 2023

Let’s explore some of the most exciting fashion developments for the year ahead.

  1. The Rise of Eco-Wear

In recent years, we’ve become increasingly eco-conscious in the products and clothes we buy, which is great news for the environment and great news for our wardrobes. 

For 2023, it seems that the fitness industry has acknowledged this push towards eco-wear and is aiming to level up the kind of attire available to us over the coming months. 

The reason that this is such an important development is because of the synthetic materials that our activewear is typically composed of. Synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon are sourced from petroleum, meaning that every step we take on our fitness adventures can leave a larger-than-expected carbon footprint. 

Fortunately, 2023 appears set to become the year of synthetic fibers, with materials like seawool, bamboo charcoal, Nuyarn, SeaCell, and Repreve all emerging as great alternatives for sweat-absorbent apparel for us to continue pushing ourselves without damaging the planet. 

fitness style trends 2023: eco-conscious activewear
  1. The Year of Bold Fashion

2023 is set to be the year for fitness fanatics to celebrate their individuality with bold fitness style trends and fashionable looks. 

As the world becomes increasingly remote, our fitness adventures are fast becoming a popular way to express ourselves, and whether we’re gearing up for a 10k run or slipping into something comfy for a grocery store trip, we’re more likely to see styles like cutouts, asymmetrical shapes, color-blocking, thumb holes and more bold styles to add that all-important dose of individuality in the way we look. 

This year is finally set to empower us to stand out from the crowd with our choice of activewear, and this freedom of expression is likely to bring more enjoyable styles and a refreshing approach to how we tackle the task of keeping in shape. 

  1. Colorful Accessories

We’re in love with our accessories when it comes to fitness. Apps like Strava and Peloton have helped to deliver a level of interaction and social networking to our workouts that guarantee to keep us more engaged and competitive. 

2023 will see personalization come to our much-loved accessories like sports watches and eyewear that will culminate in more color and vibrancy in our style. 

For many of us, our smartwatches are our perfect workout companions, so it’s only natural that we’ll add more color to our straps to better express ourselves when out and about. Online arts and crafts platforms like Etsy already return thousands of results for searches about personalizing smartwatch straps, and we will see more expressive colors and patterns find their way into our workouts through our accessories. 

We’ll also see eyewear become more colorful throughout the year, and brands like Nike’s new range of bright-lens sports glasses will lead the year’s 2023 fitness style trends in fashion for eyewear. 

  1. More Exciting Patterns
fitness style trends 2023: yoga pants with patterns

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been pioneers in making activewear more fashionable, and have even helped to blend sporty clothing with casual wear–making active fashion far more impactful. 

Activewear fashion is set to be taken up a further notch in 2023 as leading brands begin to introduce more patterns and flourishes to their ranges throughout the year. 

The more popular patterns for the year promise to revolve around animal-print and more contrasting colors that could help to spark more life into our simple dark-colored leisure attire. The great thing about the infusion of patterns into our workout wear is that they can help to raise our mood while we’re exercising–bringing better motivation to work up a sweat and snap out of our winter gloom. 

Final Thoughts

Whether your style for 2023 is set to be more colorful and expressive, or more ecological and daring, we’re set for a year of great activewear looks and more reasons to get outside and exercise. Whether you plan to hit the gym, the trails, the roads, the water, or the local playground, fitness style trends in 2023 have something for you to stay active and stay trendy.

With a year filled with color and exciting patterns on the horizon, there’s no better time to get outside and show off your personal style while getting into the sporty spirit. 

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