7 Beauty Products Men Should Use to Boost Self Esteem and Confidence

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Today’s men are becoming more conscious about their skin and their appearance as compared to the past. These days beauty products are not restricted to women and you will find top brands producing a wide range of beauty products specifically catering to men. Men, just like women, also have skin issues and need the help of beauty products to correct their flaws. Beauty products are equally important for men to look after their skin and hair, and help them feel confident.

Here is a list of 7 beauty products that men should include in their regular skincare regimen. 

  1. Lip Balm

No one wants to kiss chapped, bleeding, or flaking lips. Even just looking at chapped lips can be a put off for both men and women. Hence, lip balm is not just for women. Men also need lip balm to hydrate their lips and prevent them from becoming dry or chapped. Lip balm is essential for men especially during winter when the temperatures drop and the cold air plays havoc with your lips. Applying lip balm will definitely save you from unwanted embarrassment and will make your lips feel healthy, soft, and kissable. 

  1. Eye Cream

Eyes are the most important areas of your skin that require utmost care and maintenance. If your eye area is well maintained then you will look years younger than your present age. A hectic lifestyle, late-night parties, and skin allergies can affect the skin around your eyes. The area surrounding your eyes is fragile and sensitive, so it requires a good eye cream to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and spots.

Ideally, both men and women should start applying eye cream daily from their mid-twenties. But it’s never too late to take care and hydrate the precious skin around your eyes. There are a number of good brands these days making eye cream for men, so you won’t struggle to find the best eye cream for men. Choose an eye cream according to your skin type and skin issue to get the best and fastest results.   

  1. Moisturizer

Moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and adds a natural glow to your face. Just like women, many men deal with dry and wrinkled skin. Moisturizing your skin daily prevents it from becoming dry, dull, and flaky. It is advisable to choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type. There are various types of moisturizers available on the market, suiting all different skin types: you can choose between water or oil-based moisturizers, as well as cream or gel textures.  Moisturizer is one of the most critical beauty products that men should use to keep their skin well-hydrated, soft, and youthful. 

  1. Sunscreen

Stepping out of the house into harsh sun rays hitting your skin can be quite a task. Protecting your skin with sunscreen is a must while stepping out especially during the summer season. Sunscreen is not just a beauty product but the most essential product which is to be applied to your skin especially when you are outdoors. Most men are fond of outdoor sports which can result in sunburn due to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Applying a good sunscreen with the required amount of SPF is important to protect your skin from getting damaged. Select SPF a sunscreen that is at least 30+, preferably 60+.  

  1. Concealer

Many women feel more confident when they hide their blemishes or spots with the help of a concealer.  But makeup is not restricted to women. Men too have flaws which they would like to hide to feel confident. Concealer helps to hide dark circles, acne, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone which are the common problems that many men struggle with, especially these days with our stressful modern lifestyles. It is important to choose a shade that matches your skin tone to achieve a natural look.  

  1. Scrub

Scrubbing your skin is important to clean your pores which can get clogged and invite acne and other skin issues. Scrubbing your face and body should be a part of every man’s regular skincare regimen. Select a scrub that has a mild abrasive base. This will help you in getting rid of excess oil and dirt which accumulate throughout your daily activities. Also, consider your skin type before selecting a scrub. There are a variety of scrubs available in the market which suit different types of skin. Scrub your skin gently to keep it healthy and clean. 

  1. Aftershave

Shaving can lead to dry and prickly skin if you don’t have the proper aftershave routine. An aftershave is essential to hydrate your skin after you have shaved to prevent your skin from skin irritation, acne, or infection. A good aftershave helps you soothe your skin and prevents redness. Aftershave is a must, particularly for men who have sensitive skin. Look for aftershave that has Aloe Vera or other skin-friendly ingredients which will help in hydrating and moisturizing your skin after shaving.

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