Training for the Week of 7/14 – 7/20

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Back Squat
Back Squat

This was the first week at my new job, getting used to my new schedule, so I stuck mostly with kickboxing this week. There really wasn’t much time for anything else, although I did check out the gym on campus but they don’t have what I need. There’s no squat rack, power rack, or a place to deadlift. The guy I talked to also said that if I tried to deadlift there, I would set off the broken glass alarms or something. I’ll stay at Gold’s with the meatheads for now.

Monday was a dojo kickboxing day. Wednesday was an at-home kickboxing day. Friday was a day that not much happened at all. A little bike riding occurred over the weekend. Not much else happened.

The New Workout

On a positive note, I now know what I will be doing for a workout when I start weight lifting again next week. Essentially, I’ve broken it down into a 4 day split, although I will only be lifting twice a week.

Day 1:
Standing barbell back squats superset with calves
Incline dumbbell bench press superset with more calves
Bent over barbell rows superset with lateral dumbbell raises

Day 2:
Flat bench press superset with calves
Stiff leg deadlift superset with bis
Deads into hang clean into push press

Day 3:
Deadlifts superset with calves
Pull Ups superset with more calves
Flat dumbbell bench superset with bis

Day 4:
Standing overhead press superset with calves
Jump squats superset with supinated cable rows
Close grip bench superset with bis

So my week will look like:

Monday – PM kickboxing
Tuesday – AM/PM lifting
Wednesday – PM kickboxing
Thursday – AM/PM lifting
Friday – PM kickboxing
Weekend – Rest/Bike Riding/Walking

I am posting this on Thursday the 24th and I can safely say that I am following this program so far. My legs right now are ridiculous sore, but I shall prevail.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone. The last year has been rough for me, going into business for myself, getting my contract cut out of the budget for a major client, and subsequently being thrown into financial turmoil. Now finally I have a regular income and a set schedule so that I can get back into the gym. Everything will fall into place at this point.

  2. Glad to see your sticking with it and have a set schedule as many people are not as motivated. Keep it up!

  3. Hi there, I have just come across your blog and its packed with great info. I have added you to my blogroll, your going to be another great resource in my fat loss arsenal!

    Take care,

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