Training for the Week of 7/07 – 7/13

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The first half of the week was spent on vacation in the White Mountains. Specifically at Dolly Copp Campground near Gorham, NH. While camping I got in several sets of push-ups, an hour or so of swimming, hours of running and kicking balls with the kids, and one 20 minute jog through the campground. Obviously there was no kickboxing or weight lifting to be had at the campground.

Upon returning to real life, all I really did for the remainder of the week and weekend, was to ride my bike for a couple hours. There were some shoulder presses performed with Powerblocks just to keep loose, but nothing significant to report on.

Next week will signify a return to kickboxing and I will form the basic schedule that I’ll try to follow each and every week now that I’ve started a new full-time contract. Basically the plan will be to try to lift twice a week at the gym and maintain my 3 kickboxing classes each week. Here goes nothing!

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